I've screwed it up.
Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Ok... so I'm in the UK and at Uni. In the first year pretty much everyone lives on campus but then in the second year you move into houses with friends.

My uni doesn't publish the housing list until really late (24th May).

When we came back after christmas loads of people started stressing out and going off and getting accommodation sorted. Some people's parents are even buying them houses which I could never afford.

A few of my friends started grouping up and that was fine. The thing is I do a dual honours course. For one subject I'm the only girl and although I get on fine with the guys they've been grouping up with people they currently live with in halls.

So I was stressing a bit and starting to get very nervous when some friends on the other course said I could move in with them (about a month ago). They were waiting for the list and they were really nice people so I was happy.

The deadline for applying for on-campus accommodation has passed and it was mentioned by a couple of people I knew that they might be able to find a spare room but since I didn't know them that well I figured I didn't need to worry about it.

So about an hour ago I found out that the people I was supposed to move in with have found a four bedroom house...one room short. Apparently it's perfect (except for not having five bedrooms) and since I was last in i'm first out.

So now it's three days before the housing list comes out. Everyone I know (seriously...everyone) has sorted accommodation for next year. I'm on my own. It's too late to apply on-campus. So I've pretty much managed to screw it all up.

The best bit is I now get to phone my Dad and explain that I'm too much of a loser to actually find any friends to live with.

At Christmas I went home and my family was just joking around and my Dad commented that there's always one misfit in every group and he pointed at me. I know he was only joking but he was right. I just don't fit.

He had a mini-stoke last week and everyone's really worried about him. He's expecting me to call to tell him about the house and I don't know what to say. All I really want to do is not be here. I just want to get on a train and go home but that'll just stress out everyone at home.

I don't understand how my brother and sister managed to find houses just find but I'm stuck here totally screwed and I just feel like a failure.

Someone knocked on my door about five minutes ago but I don't want it to be any of the people I was supposed to move in with because they're all apologetic and I don't want them to see me cry. I ignored it. They can probably hear me in here so now I'm a failure and a coward.

This morning I felt pretty good.

Now I just want to curl up and die.


Tuesday, March 21, 2006 8:06 PM



I can totally sympathize with you right now....looking for housing myself but am hindered by similar problems (availablity of housing list and acceptance to uni-owned apartments vs. finding people to live with).

And on the personal front....I wonder if it's fate, cuz I am having eeriely similiar issues myself....willing to talk about things if ya need someone to rant or vent at;)


P.S. E-mail addy's z_wing@hotmail.com if ya do need a vent buddy:P

Tuesday, March 21, 2006 12:31 PM


Thank-you for the hugs and general advice. I guess it's just been a really bad day and I needed to talk to someone. Thanks for being here.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006 9:57 AM


I'm in the opposite situation (or at least a different situation on a similar theme). Currently in a 5-bedroom house and got 3 people, other two are still unsure if they'll be here next year so having difficulty getting contracts sorted. At Swansea (where I am) there's always posters up advertising extra rooms (which is our plan if we can't fill those extra rooms). I'm sure you'll have no trouble finding somewhere!

Tuesday, March 21, 2006 8:21 AM


You havn't screwed it up, I promise. My second year I lost the house I wanted to live in and my friends all found other places and people to live with which just left me.

Eventually I ended up living with 3 people who I vaguely knew who had a 4 bed house but just needed a final housemate. We ended up being pretty good friends. They're not my closest friends but it didn't much matter anyway as I spent much of my final year hanging out at my best friends house just down the road and only going home to sleep!

So worry not. It will all work out okay in the end, and if it's not okay, it's not the end!


Tuesday, March 21, 2006 7:27 AM


THe best thing to do is not freak out! Trust me, you'll find something! It's hard to live with people you don't know, I've had to do it, but like it was said before, people always drop out of things. Something might come up, maybe even that knock on your door. Don't be afraid to answer if they come by. And tell the people that you don't want their sympathy, but to keep a look out for you if something pops up! Sometimes guilt is a great motivater! I live out in California and the housing situation is just tragic(high priced and limitted space!)but the people I got to school and work with always manage to find a place. It will work out and hope your father is doing well.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006 5:04 AM


Awwww, sugar. Give it time. I agree with nuclearday. You would be surprised at how many chances will pop up out of nowhere. I am sending over good housing vibes....but it is a long way over across the pond so they may take a little while to get there.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006 5:04 AM


Awwww, sugar. Give it time. I agree with nuclearday. You would be surprised at how many chances will pop up out of nowhere. I am sending over good housing vibes....but it is a long way over across the pond so they may take a little while to get there.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006 4:19 AM



Wow. Housing the in UK sounds insane. O.o.

I know how you feel about not being able to find friends to live with. Last year was my first year at Uni (of, college, over here). Around here, people usually sign leases in about October of one year for their next years housing if they are getting a 3+ bedroom apartment/house. I completely remember what it feels like to watch all these other freshman signing leases (it sucks!) and thinking "gee. they know who they're living with next year. I'm not even sure who my friends are" so I signed up to live in the dorms again.

Eventually, though, things worked out. I found friends, including my roommate.

Umm... but yeah, I know it seems totally hopeless now, but sometimes things work out. You should contact your on-campus housing people and see if there is any way to bypass the rules and apply for housing anyway -- there usually is (this is how me and my roommate ended up getting a room together; we e-mailed the housing people about a week after everything was "finalized"). Aside from that, just keep looking. Ask friends to be on the look out for anyone complaining that they need a roommate. Is there a place at your uni where people can hang up flyers and signs? If there is, check those out. It would suck to live with someone you don’t know, but it’s not the worst thing ever. You’re going to be okay. It’s hard not to worry, I know, but believe me: you will find something!

I’m sorry to hear about your dad. I hope he gets better soon.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006 4:06 AM


aww *hug*

I've been in similar pickles trying to find housing back when I was in college. don't beat yourself up, I've found there's always housing to be had somewhere. plus there's always someone dropping out of arrangements at the last minute and people scrambling to find room-mates as well.

just remember everything works out in the end. not always the you wanted, but there's always some way to get by ;p


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