It's good to be back if only temporarily, although I never truly left.
Thursday, March 16, 2006

Well, I've been away from the Firefly community for a short while. I was just so busy. I've been going out at night dressed as a bat, waging a secret war against the dark underworld of suburban America and it is not pretty. I’ve seen things that would make the Spanish Inquisition look like the happy fun infidel culling hour. Unfortunately, it really was not as fun as I thought it would be. The good people at DC comics deceived me with their flashy artwork and their intricate crossovers. Batman deceived me. Criminals are neither superstitious nor cowardly. They are however very adept at insulting people who are dressed as giant bats. They really hurt my feelings although I suppose my emotional wounds are nothing compared to the physical wounds those dastardly fiends received at the claws of my trusty sidekick the Batcougar. Despite the drawbacks, it was a glorious time, violators of pedestrian traffic regulations and municipal codes cowered in fear for they knew they were under the vigilant gaze of The Splendiferous Magnanimous Bat Protector of Suburbia (I couldn’t use the name Batman because it’s copyrighted). Now my time as the Bat has passed and I shall pass the mantle of Splendiferous Batness down to a worthy successor, one who is even less educated, less able to interpret the law and more prone to bursts of extreme bone shattering violence against children and the elderly. Unfortunately, I’ll still be pretty busy with my new job, as a robot, a robot in disguise.



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