Go Fandom - $1200 and counting. Plus overview of firefly contributors
Sunday, March 12, 2006

Three days, and $1200+ american dollars raised so far. Bidding in the Sweet Charity Auction is open until Mar 31, so get your bid in.

And just to tempt you, here's a bit of a list of people you can bid on and make do your firefly bidding!!

Me, Jebbypal. Um, despite recent indications, I am capable of finishing a story.

Amy Fortuna/Elance is offering up Firefly fics as well.

Azuremonkey - You want angst? You want comedy? You want heartbreaking Zoe/Wash? She's your gal.

Brynn Mck is begging you to bid on her and give her prompts for Firefly fics. Begging, I tell you.

Cassandra E - is there a blend you are dying for that she hasn't made yet? Here's your chance, and well worth the money, I promise.

docmichelle is offering firefly het, slash, or femslash. All of it guaranteed hot.

Luridmuse is offering moodthemes, wallpapers, desktops, icons, just about anything graphically firefly that you can think of. You know you need more pretties for your computer.

That's just a sampling, but oh, we can't forget the vidders. Vidders offering firefly vids as part of their repetoire include:

Happyme, Lithiumdoll (squee), sabaceanbabe, and Zoerayne!!

All the proceeds from the auction go to RAINN, an American organisation for rape, abuse and incest victims. The charity is the favoured organisation of Maria "Danzy" Delgado, in whose memory this auction is taking place.

So go, check out the hos (, and bid for a good cause. And if you can't bid, pimp us out. We love our pimps!! Remember, you have till the end of the month



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