Buy Me - Sweet Charity Fandom Auction
Thursday, March 9, 2006

Pimping lots of fandom hos here;)

Seriously, lithiumdoll is running the Sweet Charity Action - - to benefit RAINN, an American organisation for rape, abuse and incest victims. The charity is the favoured organisation of Maria "Danzy" Delgado, in whose memory this auction is taking place.

Until the end of the month, you can bid for a Charity Ho who will make for you the vid, fiction or graphic of your choice - or may be a special guest offering something completely different. Not only will you end up with a custom made goodie but your donation will go towards helping someone, or someones, have the quality of life every single person on the planet should have a right to.

If you'd like to donate and not bid, there's a link on the site to do that as well. There's more than 20 artists, vidders, and writes from many fandoms up for bid.

Go, bid high, bid often.



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