Netflix and some stuff received
Sunday, February 26, 2006

First off I'd like to thank everybody for their kind comments and advice. After a bit of hemming and hawwing I did decide to sign up for the Netflix. I signed up for the 1 disc at a time cheapo option we'll se how that goes.

Secondly some may know that I had an order for some Firefly stuff at amazon. It arrived containing The Firefly soundtrack, Serenity: Those Left Behind the TPB, MASH a novel of three army doctors, and a free sample of deoderant. To quote Strong Bad, "Ought I to be offended?" Just because I'm ordering geeky sci fi stuff I smell? The noive of 'em.

Anyway mini-review time.

Firefly Soundtrack: Good stuff though I wish they had included "The Hero of Canton." I supose that it would have deflated the mood or something but they could have tagged it on at the ned I think without it getting in the way of the serious composing of the rest of the disc.

Serenity: Those Left Behind. I think I prefer the comic books for ease of reading but if you don't already have those this book compiles them all with all 9 of the covers spread out through the book as full page portraits. If you do have all 9 covers then the only thing new here is the introduction by Nathan (which is good.) Of course if you have all 9 of the covers already (like me) then you will buy this anyway because you are a rabid completist.

MASH a novel of three army doctors: This is where it all began. Both gentler (in parts) and more viscious (in other parts) than the movie this episodic psuedo-memoir of life as a draftee doctor in the korean war is entertaining and ocasionally thought provoking.

I haven't tried the deoderant yet.


Saturday, June 24, 2006 9:57 AM


Hey Hera,

Blast from the past here.

After several months with the Netflix I can safely say they have good points and bad points. The good points: 1) good selection, 2) They send stuff out so I don't have to walk down to the rental place to get my movies. The bad point is the usually 2 day waiting period to get a movie. I've gotten a couple movies now that when I have recieved them I'm not in the proper mood to watch them. So I can either send them strait back and put them back in the queue, hold on to them for some indeterminate amount of time till I am in the mood to watch them or try watching them when I'm not in the proper mood. Neither solution is particularly elegant.

Saturday, June 24, 2006 8:59 AM


Hey there Dave,

Don't feel bad about the deodorant. My friends give me deodorant all the time. It's like a sign of affection.

I've been on the Netflix 1-disk-at-a-time option for several weeks now, and it's worked out well. Watch the flick on the weekend, mail it out Monday, get the new one Wednesday or Thursday, all set to watch it on the weekend, so there you go.

Worth it in my book, the best being of course the awesome selection, that cool database, and so far none of the disks have had skips or scratches, which was always my pet peeve with my local video stores.

Hope you enjoy it!



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