Is there a Firefly Anonymous?
Saturday, April 10, 2004

Not that I would want to join it, since I have no intention of attempting a cure of my Firefly addiction.

A couple of weeks ago I lent out disc 1 in hopes of recruiting another Browncoat, and since up to that point I had only watched the dvd episodes in order each time, I intended to take a break from the show until I got it back...but I couldn't do it.

At first I told myself I would just watch the special features on disc 4. But that was not enough to satisfy my cravings, so I watched my favorite ep (Objects in Space), first with the commentary, then watched it again normally. In the time I was without disc 1 there was only two days in which I did not watch any Firefly, but then I finally got it back and went on a viewing frenzy.

Thursday night I watched both Serenity and The Train Job's commentary, then last night rewatched both of those eps straight, along with Bushwacked. Tonight I intend to watch at least two eps, maybe more. This will be either the 10th or 11th time I have watched them since getting the dvds in early December, and there is no sign of me tiring of them yet. In fact, they get better with each viewing.


Thursday, February 3, 2005 4:02 AM


hehehhehe, a true fan :D :D :D

Sunday, July 4, 2004 4:27 PM


Try watching with closed caps. LOL! It's a hoot!
I tried lending out FireFly but I can't really bring myself to let go of the disks. My favorite ep is Shindig or War stories but OIS is a close thrid. Once I watched Shindig every night for over two months and sometimes in the day time as well. I am still surprised watching Shindig.

Saturday, April 10, 2004 10:24 PM


I have now watched the dvd's so often I am trying new ways of viewing them. I am currently watching them with no sound. It's amazing the new things I notice. After that I shall try it without the picture. Am I crazy? Absolutely, but who cares.


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