Thursday, February 23, 2006

So, after supper my 18 year old son picks up my box set of Firefly and looks at it for a bit before we have this conversation (or something like it):

Me: "What's up?"
Him: "I don't know. Um. How long is each episode?"
Me: "45 minutes, except for the first one because it's 2 episodes, so it's an hour and a half."
Him: " I want to watch it because I'm so busy doing... nothing ." Laughter from both of us.
Him again: "Is it any good?" Laughing.
Me: "What do you think?" Laughing.

Now bear in mind this is the same son who went to see the BDM with me at the theater, and enjoyed it! He KNOWS it's good! He's just being ornery. Anyway, he then disappears with my DVD's. (He still lives at home, so he didn't go far with them. )

Four hours later, and I haven't seen or heard from him, so I go lookin'. He's got Episode 1 on (Kaylee's first big moment) and I ask, "So, is it any good?"

He laughs and says "Yes, but I pulled a Fox. I watched 'Train Job' 'Bushwhacked' 'Shindig' & 'Safe' before I wondered why does disc 2 have 4 episodes and disc 1 have 3? Then I realized I hadn't watched episode 1!"

The sound you heard was me smacking him upside the head.

He just came to talk to me. Finished ep. 1, but is going to wait to watch more because once he's "watched them all I'll have nothing to do." His first comment: "Is that woman a whore?" "Well, yeah, but she's a high-class whore." "But she's still a whore!" Ah, my own Mal. We compared notes, and he loves the same bits we all do!

So my job as a parent is done. I've converted my son to be a Browncoat! *Yes! Fist pump.*

He tells me there's an article on about releasing a DVD with extras. Will have to check that out to see what he's talking about.

ETA: The article at was about the release of "Done the Impossible." No new news.



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