Surrogate Drug
Friday, February 10, 2006

I did watch War Stories with the audio commentary on today. Oh what fun! Alan and Nathan just do a wonderful job on it together. But still, it was not a new episode. There are no new episodes. I keep rewatching the ones which are already there, and I still enjoy them, but it just is not the same thing. It is just never as good as the first time! Oh how I wish I could dicover Firefly again! (Those of you who read the story I posted in the Blue Sun Room a few days ago will now know where the idea came from). I am an addict. I have experienced the coolest kick ever when watching Firefly and now I am out thrill seeking and just want this kick again!

So, what was I supposed to do? I went out and bought season one of Angel today. I saw some eps of Angel when they were on German TV a few years back, but never got into it (I did not watch Buffy either). Now I decided that they can't be that bad and two friends who are also great Firefly fans, kept telling me that they are really good. I wanted to buy Buffy originally, but they did not have the first season at the store, so I went for Angel instead.

I watched the first six eps already. So, yes, I do like it. It is nowhere near Firefly, but it has all that knight in shining armour saves damsel in distress stuff and I have to admit, I really adore knights in shining armour. It is a surrogate, but it is a satisfying one.


Saturday, February 11, 2006 4:33 AM


Hi Capella,

Glad to hear you found something that helps you take the edge off. :) For me, there can be, sadly enough, no longer be anything but FireFly/Serenity. :) True it is (hmm, I wonder, why like Yoda I talk all of a sudden? lol) that the FireFly series will never be really new to you. But, in a way, that is real soothing, too. :) Your brain always knows what to expect, and you can revel in certain anticipation of what the next scene is about to do for you. Really, there is somethin' quite settin' about that. :)

Anyway, shiny trails! :)


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