1sec. ... 0 ... I squeezed the trigger and loosed the first volley
Tuesday, February 7, 2006

Everyone ,but the old woman ,started makin like moles.

That hag just stood there wavin that filthy rag at us and cryin...I could see the tears cuttin through the dirt and grime runnin down her wrinkled face...Damnitman...

I asked Booger to go talk to her if he felt safe doing it, he walked down to her and keyed his Com. so we could all hear the conversation...

Seems they been held hostage by sommathem 'Rights for Reavers People'...and the three suicide bombers Booger shot was the only ones there at the time,and now they wanted to pay us...Hey Im for the pay...

NO! NO! NO! ... I aint gettin involved...I just want my money... The Old hag told me them 'Rights for Reavers People' took somathier youngins for offerin to the Reavers.What in the face of God are they thinkin?...I cant do nuthin bout it...this should be given to the Blue Bellys let them handle it...

The Old hag handed me a small sack of coin...far less than what the agreed price is...Now shes given me the sob story again about the kids and them wackos took the money...?!?!? long a go did they leave?

Sure am glad the Cook aint here...she'd be tellin me we should do this for free...HAA...

Dont like this...dont like this a bit...anyone who straps explosives to themselves and walks into a crowd and detonates is ... is SOUL SICK...aint no help for'em cept maybe another hole in thier head ,well two holes, a little one going in and a big one going out...kinda changes the mind...puts a "Hole" new perspective on life...HAhaaha,I crack myself up sometimes

Well, well, well, there it is... it matches what the Old woman said it looked like...Lou tells me its transmitin a signal,but aint no one talkin...I hear it ... it sounds like sobbing...that aint no distress call...thats a call for dinner...

I flip on ship wide com...Im tellin everybody this has got to go down fast cause the dinner bells rung we dont wanna be here when the crowd arrives for the buffet...

I cant tell you the fear Im feelin right this secound no mortal has words for it...We are still 3 minutes out and the bell is being answered buy at least 7 Reaver ships...


Name me boat link



Wednesday, February 8, 2006 1:48 AM


Ok Anon- that's stupid, how can you read that and think spellcheck?!

Captn, thankfully I'm talking to you so I know that sa hairy as it got you're still standing, just be careful out there in the blue.

Cook'll want you back in one piece

Take Care

Tuesday, February 7, 2006 2:26 PM


It would not be me If I did.


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