Chill out day
Sunday, February 5, 2006

Well, that was a long night last night, inlcuding some weed and all the funny talk that comes with that. Mostly on music. Music is a great topic once you are stoned. Well, music is a good topic almost always.

So today was just a totally relaxed day, slept long, did not leave the house at all, watched a lot of Firefly songvids on the PC, then watched some Farscape eps, because I was in the mood for it (it is a damn good show, too).

I wanted to participate in an Instant Story contest that was on on a German website today, they have this every month, you get a topic and have 90 minunets time to write a short story about it. Normally I am quite good at coming up with something, but this month I am so in Firefly mode, that I could not think anything else. The topic they gave was: "three things somebody needs". You are not allowed to enter FanFiction in the contest, so I wrote some space opera stuff about a starship pilot who has a one man transportation business. His motto is he needs nothing but his ship, some business and depth of space, or so he likes to think. (Actually this guy turned out to be pretty much like Mal, no wonder, him being on my mind all the time). One day he finds a blind passanger on board of his ship, a beautyful young woman who holds him at gunpoint and forces him to change course...

It was supposed to lead to all kinds of romance and adventure, but somehow I so fell in love with the characters and the spaceship that there was just no way to finish this story in 90 minutes time. I might make more out of it in the future.

Mr. Universe just announced that he now has a Master Playlist and you can select songs and they will be played automatically in the next free slot in the program. That sounds really neat.


Monday, February 6, 2006 7:45 AM


Hi, thanks for your comment. I will think about translating and posting it, if I ever finish this story. I could easily transfer it to the Firefly 'verse. Language error on my side here, though. She is not blind. There is a German expression "Blinder Passagier", literally translating to "blind passanger", but the meaning is stowaway. False friend trap here and I stepped right into it :)

I do like the idea of having a blind person on board the Serenity, though. Maybe I might make a story out of this some day as well.

I have far too many ideas, lately, and will never get to writing it all. Today at work I had a nice little idea for a short scene which could even become a short movie (I always wanted to make a movie myself), SF, but not Fireflyish for a change... more like BTL chips in Shadowrun or like in the movie Strange Days. Still original enough to give a new angle to that though, I hope.


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