Thursday, February 2, 2006

I was off work today and spend a lot of time editing the tango vid again. It is now about 3/4 done, so I hope to finish it tomorrow.

I had a hard time with the soundfiles. The video software cannot cut them exactly to the frame when they are in mp3 format (probably because of the compression, I don't know if audio compression uses something like key frames, but that would explain some of my trouble). I downloaded the lame encoder (another amazingly great open source initiative... and converted the mp3 files back to .wav files. With those everything was shiny.

I watched the audio commentary to the Serenity ep this morning. There were some nice informations in it. And I really had not spotted the scene where Wash pretends to hold the stearing wheel... but I am lousy at spotting bloopers anyway, I am far to much into the story for that, normally. And I don't think I have cut any vid material from that scene yet (in that case I would have noticed, I think, because then I normally step through the stuff frame by frame).

I wrote an email to J-Dos yesterday to comment on his vids (they are amazing, if you don't know them yet, go, check them out: ) and he responded today with a very nice email.

And has finally put the links to my vids up (they have a new editor for their vids section, which was why it took so long).



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