OK the very first 4 are up
Tuesday, January 31, 2006

There what bout 16 total I I'll put 4 up a day in the Blue Sun Room...seems odd Ole CaptBryan postin inna fancy place like that...

I need ta know if I should change that ratin on whats bein posted...

I think PG is good...I mean I dont mention nuthin about Blue vained throbbers and female Private parts...I kinda figure we already know whats goin on and whats about to happen and everybody has seen human private parts before,at least those of us 13 and over...I kinda like ta drive ya there and let ya draw your own conclusions...That way iffin ya want El Capitian to be Longhaird and fabuloulsy handsome endowed with all the equipment a woman needs then (CaptBryan is blushin) I thank ya for being nice and Honest...hmm...
If you want the Cook to be maybe 110lbs. Blonde with Blue eyes Kind hearted with a servant's heart and soul able to light the darkest room and drive shadows from every corner...maybe 8 ta 10 yrs younger than CaptBryan...well then you are correct...

The point is you dress'em up and you take'em out and you play with'em ...make them look what how you want...If you wanna know what the Cooks real name is then I do let it slip now and then when Im in the CHAT room...

Well as far as postin a new episode each day I'll try... but right now we are very busy and I hope we'll be sailin again by Sunday...

please let me know what ya think cause I have ta have input to continue bringin you the finest in an old Pirate over forty life...


Tuesday, January 31, 2006 3:07 AM


Captn I read all of the fanfic I can on BlueSun and I think you posting your entries is a FANTASTIC Idea!

And I'll read your log as often as you can post it.

Have a shiny day sir!

Tuesday, January 31, 2006 2:49 AM


I think PG is correct. I don't read fanfic though, so I'm not sure mine should be you're only input. What category is it going under? General fiction? Romance?
Glad you're posting it.


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