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Sunday, January 29, 2006

Hi folk,

TCM here, just checking in to give you all an update or two on the status of my labors of love...CafePress and my FREE games all based on Firefly/Serenity.

First off, as a reminder, I post new designs every week on my Cafe Press Store at http://www.cafepress.com/10thcrew for all the great fans out there. Remember, I also take requests as I prefer to have my designs be fan-driven. :)

Next, and more importantly, FREE! Did I mention the FREE! Cuz this is all about the FREE! Yes, I am currently working on, not one, not two, but THREE!, yes, three new games for all the great fans out there (it really helps that I can be schizoid at times). :)

The first is almost done! Should be seeing it in early February. OH! I guess I should tell you it is the SERENITY BDM version of BWAH! (official title still undecided, but it is a BWAH! game nonetheless). For those of you who have played BWAH! you will find some interesting new additions to the game including ITEMS, DISGUISES, and combination gear such as WEAPON/ITEMS. Some items will even have 2 or 3 uses in gameplay. Other than that, the mechanics (no not Kaylee and Bester...sheesh!) will be the same, and thus the game is 100% compatible with the original BWAH! series. The play deck is 126 action cards, and there are 36 characters to choose from, as well as being suitable for 4-12 players! Now you don't have to have played the original BWAH! in order to learn this version (but one must wonder if you've been living in a crawlspace in a derelict for the last year) but it is just as exciting and easy to play as the original. Additionally, the new characters have new abilities, and while many cards mimic originals, there are new action cards and character abilities so if you combine the sets you have a whole new play experience! BWAH!

Second big thing to be comin' out of my workshop here on the Space Bazaar is a new game concept that some of you have already seen my promos for. It is, what I define as, a FREEFORM board game. It is called GORRAM REAVERS! Yes, you finally get to be the savage cannibals gone mad on the edge of the Black. This game is still in playtesting, but you should see it by the end of February. It is, to a degree, tongue-in-cheek (as noted by the SouthPark style Reaver images), but the game itself plays by having players fly about the border worlds and raiding everything from transports to villages and even small cities! Now some of you are probably still wondering what "FREEFORM" means, so I will tell you. It means you don't play it on a traditional "preset game board". There is a basic setup for beginners, but you can play this game on any surface (so long as it is not a gas or liquid), anywhere, anytime. Everygame will have a different "board" everytime you play...oh, and watch out for SERENITY, she has a way of making things bad for Reaver Packs. Prepare to prove you have the strongest Pack in the 'Verse...GORRAM REAVERS!

Lastly, I am in the design stage of a card game representative of the brawling we see in Firefly/Serenity (in bars, in cargo holds, with hillfolk). Currently this game has no name, like this facility....err...sorry. ;) Anyway, you may look at it as a fast and furious, non-lethal, form of BWAH! that involves only pugilism and the occasional pool cue.

Well that is all I have going on at this point (as if I need more...oh wait, there is that pesky JURY DUTY thing coming up but that is just the Alliance gettin' in a man's way) and I hope many of you will enjoy these games (and T-shirts!) as you have in the past as this is my way of giving back to those fans who kept Serenity flying with their support!

It's okay! I am a leaf on the wind!

P.S. a link to FREE games of the past:



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