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Sunday, January 29, 2006

I already have a weblog, but the readers there don't seem to appreciate Firefly too much, so I will just put my Firefly related stuff here (lots of Firefly in my life right now, I just bought the DVD set a week ago and am absolutely and totally hooked to the show, the 'verse and everything).

I contacted Steven aka Misteruniverse who does this fabulous Browncoat radio station on live365 and send him some German music files. It is cool to be able to contribute something.

I finished my second Firefly fanvid "Carrie", featuring the love between Mal and Inara. Unfortunately my webspace is full, but Bill has volunteered to host it on his server, so it might be available soon.

I plan on doing another vid next, this one focusing on Wash. Isn't he such a cutey? I have not decided on a song yet, probalby I will use "Rebel Rouser" by Duane Eddy.

Last night I finally watched the Serenity movie. Woah! Much more serious and darker than the series. I can't believe they actually killed Wash. Really got under my skin, this one. I loved the story. All this stuff about hushing up secrets and control of information. What in the 'verse might have inspired Joss here

Okay, enough for today, have to keep flyin',


Tuesday, February 14, 2006 2:30 PM


Hey Capella,

Not sure exactly where to reply, but I just had to reply because you were so kind to me, today. :)

It was really nice what you said in my blog, today. And a very sweet touch to mention River. :) That always gets to me. But you knew that, didn't ya? :) And don't worry about coming off a bit crazy; heck, I'm in Love with a little crazy person, remember? :)

You just keep lighting those candles. You think you may not make a difference; until, one day, you find there were more people like you; and together you made a whole FireFly forest, lighting up the sky; which, as you so kindly pointed out to me, they cannot take away from us. :)


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