Non-firefly relatied question for men that i have while not sleeping.
Saturday, March 27, 2004

let me point out that in the last 36 (or more) hours i've had about 3 hours of sleep (and thats a half hour or so at a time, not all at once) due to a 2 day theater trip thing.

On this trip thing I found myself sitting in another girls lap because...well...i don't remember why...i just was.

This guy comes by and goes "so hot." and begs us to kiss. He even offered money and a few guys pooled their meager amounts of money together to see us kiss.

I would have taken it. My freind wouldn't do it though. Not even for money.

But thats not the point. Or maybe it is, i honstly don't remember.

anywhoo, any guys wanna explain to me why two girls kissing is hot?

and i also need to know why the room feels like its spinning around, and how to make it stop.

but the kissing girls thing first.

Did i mention my utter lack of sleep?

and the room...its spinning.


Tuesday, May 11, 2004 8:03 AM


There two possible explanations:

1) Guys like seein' girls in sexual situtations, so seein' TWO girls do sexy things means the guy gets to double his pleasure, without some hairy dude getting in the way. See also, treon's post. HOWEVER...

... Not every guy digs this. Not that I, manly man that I am, have anything against seein' girls all sexified, but if I had to pick the #1 thing that gets me goin', seeing girls kiss wouldn't crack the top 5. Okay, 3. The point is, our current culture tells us that lesbians, more specifically hot ones, are okay, and that guys should be turned on by them. It pops up on sitcoms all the time, so you KNOW it's mainstream. Hopefully the people reading this like to make up their own minds about things... like, say, what TV shows they watch. Ya dig?

I'm talkin' to my friend... we'll call him 'Bob.' He informed me, two guys kissing got his girlfriend HOT. Not hot like, wow I like that, but like HOT, like, 'Bob, we need to go to your car now.' Some girls think it's gross. Most guys agree. Personally, it doesn't make me wretch or anything, but I'm not gonna stare, either. That would be rude.

2) Boys are stupid.

Monday, March 29, 2004 3:35 PM


two guys going at it does nothing to turn me on. nothing. two girls kissing does more for me...i guess.

heh, i just noticed something wierd. two girls kissing will turn me on and i don't understand why id doesn't for guys. Obviously, brains do not work whiles sleep deprived... want proof?


Monday, March 29, 2004 7:33 AM


probably the same reason so many (heterosexual) girls (including myself) like to read and write m/m fanfiction.

but I'm not too sure why exactly that is. maybe it's just the 'double-the-eyecandy' effect. it's the easiest explanation.

and on a similar note: I read somewhere that the reason why men (usually) like (picture and video) porn and girls don't is because men react stronger to visual stimulation than women. girls seem to prefer to read their porn. and by doing so I sure as hell got rid of some weird notions about watching porn being bad or uncivilised or whatever.

it's a somewhat interesting thing to think about, why we react to something sexually or not. there's normally not much talking about that stuff and maybe that's why we don't really know. never really thought about it and never really discussed it with anyone.

I like the internet because we are sitting here at our computers all around the world and talk about why men find two women kissing hot and no one is embarrased or feels bad about it.

and I really think maybe STATIC has a point there but that doesn't cover the women (and there are really lot's of them out there, all ages) reading m/m slash.

something else I read somewhere suggested that the slash phenomenon was due to modern women liking equality in the relationships they read about and it's much simpler to have two men being equal than a woman and a man. sounds a bit emanzipatory to me and I feel pretty equal with every man I know, so I think that's not my issue here. but maybe other's.


Sunday, March 28, 2004 7:30 PM


Personally I don't find it all that enticing, but I have heard it said that most men enjoy that (as well as other semi-lesbian acts) because to them it seems to make it more likely for a threesome to take place. On some level I have to agree because most men are very sexual creatures at they're very core. It's how we react to these interal urges that seperates us from the lesser animals. But that's just my meager two cents....

Sunday, March 28, 2004 4:45 AM


Just 'cause is all.

I'll make no attempts at excuses, or long technical answers. We're menfolk, and not everything we do or feel has a logical explanation.

Oh... and about the room spinning. I suspect it has more than a little to do with your lack of sleep. Try lying down & closing your eyes. That sometimes works.

Sunday, March 28, 2004 3:33 AM


My theory is men are made of right angles, woman are curves. We don't like to look at ugly angular men so when you remove the bloke from the equation and add another woman it's 100% better!

Sunday, March 28, 2004 3:05 AM


It appeals to the baser nature of many men. . .it fits into the whole 'harem' equation. It's supposedy the animal nature of female to find a single partner for the purpose of safety and security for her and her offspring, and the animal nature of man to 'sow his oats' as widely as possible in order to better ensure strong and able offspring.

Gimme a break, I gots a Psych degree.

Anyhoo. . .the whole 'two-girl' fantasy supposedly triggers that whole baser instinct in guys.

Me? I think it's bunk. I'm a manly man. . .hell, I gots testosterone running out my ears, but I'm completely devoted to Mahealani.


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