What happened to the whores?
Monday, December 1, 2003

So, I got bored the other night and got in my car and drove around, looking for a companion or two. I had forty bucks in my pocket.

Spotted two ladies on the corner of 8th Street and Vine. I pulled up next to them and waved my dollar bills through the window.

"Hey, Ladies," I said. "Hop in."

"Uh, sorry, no," said one of the girls. She was a long legged beauty with green eyes and a smile that could make a Chinese man swear in English.

"We're Companions, we get to choose," said the other. She was shorter than her partner, but her heavy bosom rose and fell impressively as she smiled condescendingly at me.

My ears began to burn. "What?" I asked. "You get to choose? Hey look, I got the forty dollars, so why don't you---"

"A Companion always chooses," she interrupted, "and we do not choose you. Move along now." They stared at me coldy and I knew the matter was settled.

I drove home, alone and utterly humiliated. I could feel the unspent forty dollars burning painfully in my pocket.

"Fuck those bitches!" I cursed angrily. "How dare they tell me no. Fuck! What am I supposed to do now?"


Thursday, January 29, 2004 7:42 AM


Well, obviously you start lobbying nationally to ban hookers from watching Firefly. Or at least any of the episodes where they make some mention of Inara's right to choose.


Those who restrain desire, do so because thiers is weak enough to be restrained.
-William Blake

(sorry, guess theirs was)

Hehehe, I've never looked at these things before. They rock.


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