By all salvage rights I claim her
Sunday, January 15, 2006

Shes gonna fetch me a pretty penny.

I dont know how long she's been drifting out the looks its been awhile.All kinda dust and debris hangin to know a ship stays put to long out here they attract every thing that passes by...well every thing that aint travelin faster than can be caught by gravity...and as I said this ships been out here awhile...lookin her over real good...dont wanna spring no traps.

All seems well...gonna take the GIG over an look inside.
Shes a pleasure craft, when we got closer I could see her true character...deffinitly personnaly owned holes ,no damage, no thats odd the main hatch was wide open, like someone just walked out an forgot to close it.

Me and Evans checked out the boat and it all...he said he could possible get the engines back on line...I aint really worried about pervious owners log aint my fault he was stupid...but I got a sneakin suspiscion that the Owner ,if still alive, will paymore to have this ship back than Id get sellin her off for salvage...

Man my arms too...are killin me...Me and the Cook agreed to cool off things for least in the "He'in and She'in" department. Lets just say we think we are doin more damage than good...I get more of a work out with her than I did at bootcamp...but hey,aint love grand. Her bein alot younger than me I figured she wouldnt be as torn up and sore, but she is...Just goes ta show ya as long as theres steam in the boiler Hoses get stiff and things POP, Yeah, BAABY!

Damn...just got done lookin at some of that derelicts log...that is one sick basterd who owens...,oops lemme rephrase that, That was a sick bastard that OWENED that ship. Nears as I can tell he was usein it to make illegal{ILL here is the focus}Vids and sellin them to other sick SOBs ... he used little boys and girls,women and men,animals...I think Reaver's got more hummanity than this Whacko and the basterds that bought his product...wouldnt be no need for this if noone paid for it...Well I gotta go chill out before I can look at the rest of the logs...sick just evil sick...Of course he'd use some kinda "right to expression" defense...If what Im thinkin happened to him it wasnt horrible enough...If hes dead ,Im thinkin he is,the speical place in hell has been reserved for him...
I cant let the Cook see these logs I dont want her upset...these Images could dry out ones soul if it werent strong enough...and I need to protect her from this.

The fish are fine...New ship is fine...Wish I was fine...the crew have been real quite...Im not sure we all have come to grips yet, with what went on aboard that ... that... that Compartment of Hell intow !behind! !MY SHIP!!...



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