My Cantr Characters' Lives
Wednesday, March 24, 2004

Graiwe Johnsmith - Well, today he had to try to get his lord and best friend Lord Tony Stewart into a vehicle to see a doctor because he thought that Tony was sick. It turns out that Tony was alright and just had a few butterflies since he is getting married. Tony asked Graiwe to be his best man at the wedding of which Graiwe accepted. The wedding will be held in Blojt but First Graiwe and Tony need to take care of some trouble up in Eastern Longinazy Forest which is the source of coal for the Commonwealth. There maybe some violence up ahead.

Easle Quathak - Just traveling along looking for a new home. He is in despair because he is unsure if he will ever find a home again and whether or not the Siom Sheriff Deputies will ever stop tracking him down for a crime he did not commit.

Red Kikhla - He finally told Sammy what he felt for her. She accepted his love. Besides that, Red was able to recruit a few more knights into his order of the Silver Knights that serve the Unnamed Ones.

Gerard Jerad - Traveling to Blaman since he ran out of food. He hopes to stock up and continue his resistance at making sure the BEST Company and the GM Company are taken down. His hate for Richard Windmill Jr. has only grown since Richard exiled him from Blaman.

Richard Lenseth - He is feeling despair as he now believes that Siom has either abandoned him and his outpost in Quillanoi or Siom has fallen to an unknown foe. His only two deputies are out hunting down a famous criminal that had once almost killed Richard many, many years ago. New plans are beginning to take shape in his head as to beginning something new in the region.

James Whitmore - His plans for building a booming clothing industry in the region are doing well. He has all the machinery he needs now and the a whole bunch of people have seeked employment with him. He still hopes to continue his metalsmithing but since limestone is scarce these days he has put that off for the moment.

Paoream Safthes - Killed some trouble maker that attacked a DoUrden Mercenary. He is hoping that Robert Smith soon allows DoUrden to attack the Alexian Empire and pillage what is left of that once mighty empire.

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