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Friday, January 13, 2006

That rant I've been meaning to write on the subject of Serenity and it's success...

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Ever heard of a show called "Firefly"? I'm a fan. A hardcore fan. Ever heard of the movie "Serenity"? It's a continuation of the characters and story line in Firefly. Again, I'm a hardcore fan. I just want to get the fact that I LOVE the show(s) in the record before I go where this post starts. Stay with me here.

"Firefly" was canceled due to the infinite wisdom of Fox television. All television executives are omniscient, just ask the guys at NBC who canceled "Star Trek" in the 60's. They knew it was junk and was never going to make any money. Don't let the fact that Paramount has milked millions out of the franchise (and founded the 5th broadcast network with not much more than "Star Trek" to carry it) since that point fool you, "Star Trek" needed canceling. In much the same way, the red-headed (browncoated) stepchild that was Firefly needed canceling, because Fox only agreed to let Joss Whedon do it so that they could keep him for another season of "Buffy the Vampire Slayer". You don't promote and fund a 'gimme' long term. And they didn't. 13 episodes filmed. 10 episodes aired. No promotion to speak of. You're outta here!

But Firefly wouldn't die, I'm sure the old guard Star Trek fans out there understand why that is. Writing. Talking. Promoting. And lo and behold the show that needed canceling is resurrected as a feature length film. Some said "that doesn't happen" (Trekkies know better, but we let them have their moment. Kids are so cute) and marveled at the feat. And, really it was a feat. An excellent film that preserved the atmosphere of the original show, and completed the main story arc left unfinished by Fox needing to cancel the show. It was on screens all too briefly, and passed onto disk (a copy of which is already in my library) within a few short months.

And then the rumblings started from naysayers, TV executive lakeys, and Hollywood insider wannabes concerning whether Serenity the movie was a success or failure, and whether or not this should "shut the fans up".

Personally, I don't feel like shutting up, and I don't count the show's short time on screen as a failure. Why you say? Because in comparison it's just not.

I'd like to point out a show (no, not Star Trek) that had a similar fate, not so long ago. A critically acclaimed series with a very short life was resurrected as a movie (that was also critically acclaimed) that went out of theaters nearly as fast. What was the show? Twin Peaks. The movie was Fire Walk With Me. My point is this, even with the media circus that surrounded the show and the subsequent movie, if you look at the numbers here or here, you will see that the show did not in fact do an impressive amount of business. A recoup of about half of the 10,000 dollar budget spent on it. But the critics loved it...

In comparison, Serenity's numbers are just rosy here and here. All told, Serenity has made back the money spent on it, and we aren't even done with the video sales yet. Not too shabby if I do say so myself. And still, I hear the "What if's" and the "If only's". What's done is done. The movie came out when it did, competed with the films that were out then, and left the theaters when new films crowded into the fall schedule showed up to push it out. Gotta have all the good films out right before Oscar time. Don't ask me why, it must be that same omniscience that the TV execs have.

So why should we wear long faces and walk silently? I say we crow to the moon and demand a second film! Who's with me?


Friday, January 13, 2006 8:09 PM


I'm on board.. Hell I'm new to the ranks of loyal Browncoats and I didn't even know about Firefly untill I saw Serenity. Serenity peaked my intrest and made me download the first episode of Firefly.. Been a browncoat since.

May Serenity continue to bring new fans such as myself to build the fanbase.

BWAHAHAHAHA!! We shall take over the.. um famdom by um.. outnumbering the Trekkies!

Okay that was stupid but point is you've got your trekkies, your Jedi wannabes 9Dunno what Star wars fasn liek to call themselves) and then us Browncoats.

May Firefly be reborn of Fox's ashes and regain it's deserved glory.. and actually get some damned advertising for a change!

Friday, January 13, 2006 1:48 PM


"Serenity" was a most excellent movie and a worthy successor to the "Firefly" series. Just like the series, the movie was not marketed very well, not enough of the "mainstream" was ever aware that there was a show called "Firefly" on TV a few years back.

Friday, January 13, 2006 1:46 PM


As I recall, the movie was made as a direct result strong sales of "Firefly" the series DVD on Amazon.com (I believe it is currently the 4th highest selling DVD there).

Since "Serenity" debued, it hasn't dropped below the 3rd most selling DVD at Amazon.com.

Friday, January 13, 2006 11:38 AM


So are you saying Joss will lose his thunder like David Lynche did?

Because I came out of the theater after seeing Twin Peaks with the
shakes from an adrenaline rush. It was the best thing I had ever seen.
But Lost Highway... Well I liked the soundtrack...

Unlike David Lynche, I hope Joss gets his sh#t together and plan a
better BDMx2.

I'm still a browncoat, still love the characters, but they should stop
whoring the story for new fans next time around. You know, not have
Simon save River thus destroying what he did in the series. Not have
Jayne take River for a nice Shuttle ride... It makes the story clearer,
but you and I didn't need it.

Fans made all this appeal (financially) to Universal, but we didn't get
our movie. We told them we would throw our money at them if they
came up with more. I just hope they'll see that a movie that breaks
even is worthwhile. If nothing else, it creates jobs and makes the fans

To me, in years to come, we will consider Serenity like trekkies consider
the first Star Trek movie. It's the right characters, but the costumes
were all wrong. The other six are much better.

And let's face it: Other movies are often made into sequels without this
outstanding support from fans.

I don't mean to sound unpleasant here. And thank your god somebody
put life back into this franchise. But I'm hoping we get a string of Firefly
movies. Then we can all be happy. Even Universal.

That's my two cents anyway.

Friday, January 13, 2006 10:51 AM


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