More fanfics and clay crewmembers!
Thursday, December 29, 2005

Well, as of now, I'm in the middle of chapter six Have Wings, Will Fly, and am more than halfway done with my mini crewmembers. I'm in love with my Wash right now. His expression is perfect. Although, I also have a faceless Zoe and a headless Simon waiting to be baked, and they're creeping me out. For these guys I've had mostly a trial and error with color mixing. I have about 12 different browns. Gah! I think I'll post a group shot sometime this weekend, or tomorrow if I get lucky! I still need to finish Inara, Mal, and Jayne. *Sigh* So much patience is required for these, and though I want them to be cute, I have the attention span of a 3 year old.

OK, enough clay talk. I'm a little stuck in my fic. I'm still adding in the funny, and so far chapter six has been flowing smoothly, and I'm proud of the 'emotional scenes', except for the Mal/Inara interactions...I need some inspiriation. Where do I want to take this with them? *sigh*...back to making Simon's head...


EDIT: Is it weird that my Top 25 most played songs on my iTunes are all (except for 6 others) Firefly/Serenity tracks?
I'm so hooked.



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