Thank Universal for giving us the BDM
Monday, December 26, 2005

All of us ( I already have)should go to Universal's website and post a thank you in their Corporate Vivendi/Universal contact page.
I thanked them for risking capital and producing the movie and also for letting Joss Whedon have control instead of being micromanaged like he was at (3 letter curse word in my vocabulary). I also pointed out the sales of the DVD and stressed that this fanbase will only continue to grow exponentially now that others have had a chance to see the BDM on DVD. Within 2 years I believe the fanbase will be huge enough to support a sequel that will certainly be a box office hit. That being said, I think it's still important that we show our sincere appreciation to a studio that gave Joss the green light and stood behind him by 1) posting a thank you and 2) going to see any Universal films at the theater you think look interesting but would normally wait for the DVD to come out to watch.
If Universal gets tons of email thanks then they'll probably view it as 20% of the people out there that feel the same but weren't so damn lazy they wouldn't type an email. That would only serve to make us look to them as bigger than we are in numbers probably. Either way, they deserve our thanks and not just by buying the DVD.



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