Oh how I wish they'd been in the film...
Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Some of those deleted scenes... I truely wish they had been in the final cut... I haven't listened to the commentary on them yet, so I'm sure I'll hear all kinds of reasons why they were cut, but... all the best Mal/Inara bits!

It's funny, because all most every single (minor) complaint I had about Serenity, is solved by those deleted scenes... hehe...

Well, guess I'll go watch em all with the commentary now...


Friday, February 3, 2006 1:40 PM


heh, glad you like the nickname... I wanted to come up with something cool-ish that no one else was using (didn't want to be Mal247 or anything)

Funny how we can interpret scenes differenty :o)
What I got from that whole exchange with Sheydra was that these girls, who Inara emphatically states are NOT Companions, are starting the training too old (insert whatever Jedi reference you want here, but those kids in the class looked like they were all older than 12) and that, because she had started at 12, and sex wasn't even mentioned for four years, until she was sixteen, she had had those four years to learn composure and control and all the behavioural discipline that Companions need before she even had to start thinking about Sex... but all this outer rim 'companion' trainees are starting at a later age, and are learning about sex and everything together, not giving them the solid background of discipline and control that Inara is talking about...

Anyway, that's my long winded take on that scene, and why my mind didn't go to the 12 year olds having sex idea ;o)

Friday, February 3, 2006 12:11 AM


Hey, 2x2 (I love that nick, btw!),

I think Inara making it a point to mention not having trained on the 'physical act of pleasure' until she 16, is *precisely* why I went there. :) (I think the brass just really twisted Joss' arm on this, for legal reasons).

I further agree with your assessment that in fact Mal himself did *not* know why Inara was leaving. So, in hindsight, you're absolutely right: they should have kept those scenes in. :)

Thursday, February 2, 2006 3:27 PM


asarian, I can see your point with the Inara being 12 in the Guild thing... though, personally I didn't go there, I just assumed she was 'training', especially with the line that referred to her not even mentioning the 'physical act of pleasure' until she was 16, as you noted...

However, I don't quite agree with your thoughts about the "why did you leave" line, mainly because, as I see it, we, the audience may know all those reasons... and Inara herself may know those reasons, but I don't believe the *MAL* knows.. which is why I do think that scene works (just not in that spot in the movie - re pacing and whatnot)

Either way, I still long for more Inara.... :o)

Wednesday, February 1, 2006 4:17 PM


I would have loved it if they'd kept all the River scenes in. She was so vulnerable. Poor, sweet River. :(

If you allow me, I'd like to offer a few different takes on the Inara thingy, though.

The scenes with Inara, I can see why they were left out. I mean, her talking about being in the compagnion house since she was 12, I believe, ... I dunno. Though they quickly made her say she didn't actually "do" anything until later, I can readily see how that scene conjures up some unsavory imagery. And it probably really was a bit distasteful.

Also, that line: "Why did you leave?", well, it was pretty obvious why she left. In "Heart of Gold" Mal broke an understanding between them (kinda of the sort: "We'll pretend to have just a strict business relationship; but, meanwhile, we really are having an unspoken ship") when he slept with that other woman, right under Inara's nose. Inara, at that point, realized, of course, that her staying aboard would only cause pain between them. Her leaving was as much to let Mal free, as it was to protect her her own feelings, btw. So, the whole "Why did you leave?" scene was basically really just shot for people unfamiliar with FireFly yet. To a real browncoat, though, I think it would have just appeared silly.

P.S. Feel free to drop me a line; men mei suo jin lai zuo. :)

Tuesday, December 20, 2005 6:57 PM


Oh, I know they were cut for time, and for pacing and such, I even agree that the 'quiet moment' in the shuttle had to go because it wouldn't fit in that space in the film...

but it's just...

I felt that Inara's presence in the movie was really almost pointless... don't get me wrong, I loved Inara in the movie, and I loved the Operative getting to Mal through her... but there was so much that was in the deleted scenes that brought her into the movie in a way she just isn't in the released version.
Things always have to be cut, and there are always great scenes that fans love... what I mostly wish for, but almost never ever get, is the option to *insert* the deleted scenes into the regular version of the film, so you can get the best of both worlds.. obviously, it can't always work, especailly when things have been changed from what they were in the deleted scenes...

I just really really wanted more Inara in the movie, and more interaction between her and Mal, since her leaving was one of the reasons Mal's become harder, darker, whatever you want to call it, in Serenity...

I loves my Mal and Inara moments, can't deny it...

and since I'm talking about 'em.. loved the whole idea of these stories going around about Inara and her torrid afair with a pirate captain... I could *so* see that kind of thing happeing hehehehe....

and now I must to bed... I'm a sick girl who has to get up in 5 hours to go to work , and sleep, I conjure, would be the best cure, next to more shiny Firefly talk that is :o)
But, sad to say, I have to work, and so adieu...

Tuesday, December 20, 2005 5:31 PM


It was already 2 hours+ long.

You gotta have an impressive track record and then some or MASSIVE support from the studios to get them to let you push mutch beyond that.

Theater managers want TURNOVER. Can't have as many showings with a longer movie. = less money earned per day = fewer theaters willing to show it. Self defeating for an unknown, new kid on the block. I'm thankfull Serenity was allowed to be as long as it is.


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