I am going to maim my fiance....Joss was on the phone!
Sunday, December 11, 2005

I am about to die...and before I keel over from disbelief I will take my fiance down....

Let me tell you what happened....
I got a good friend at Flanvention. She called me everyday to tell me what was happening and we squeeled and had a fun time talking.

Saturday I had to go to my fiance's father's 50th bithday party which was also a family reunion. The next day I slept in.

She calls me Sunday night and puts Joss on the phone. I squeeled and he asked me a question and I answered.
Just then my guy comes in and starts hopping on the bed and making noise cause he wants attention... I motion for him to shut his pie hole and he still makes noise. (he always does this while I am on the phone) I can't even hear what Joss is telling or asking me. I had no choice but to laugh like I had any idea what he was saying...

After he's off the phone I tell my guy who was on the phone....he deadpans and calls me stupid for not telling him. I said "I told you to shush." He says, "You always tell me to shush while you are on the phone." I said "Because I mean it."

I was so upset with him not listening to me at this landmark moment because he's so needy for attention all the time I had to go take a drive for an hour.

Tell me....what would do you in this situtation?


Tuesday, December 13, 2005 12:17 AM


oh, right, just read that again and now i get it. he was with your friend and she called you and i'm retelling the story...


Monday, December 12, 2005 4:42 AM


kill, eien. kill!!!!


p.s. you coulda done ring back and told joss what just happened...then killed your fiance
p.p.s. why did joss call you?

Sunday, December 11, 2005 11:58 PM


I have a fiancee too and I can tell you I would be absolutely furious.
I would also make sure that he absolutely grovelled and did my bidding for the next month or so.

I would have however explained to Joss what was going on, he seems so understanding and a great enough guy to understand.


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