On Joss Whedon
Monday, December 5, 2005

I never got into Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Angel didn't fit my needs. In fact, I never even knew who Joss Whedon was until about four months ago. And then Dad sat down and we watched Serenity- the very first episode of Firefly . And, my friends, I fell in love that day.

And as I watched each show (cherishing every single one) I slowly slipped into an even deeper love. Some may call it "obsession". I call it "life".

Firefly was everything a show should be. Action-packed, humorous, great special effects, a fantabulous script, and even a little romance on the side. It even (don't ask me how) incorporated my religion (I'm protestant)!! Never before had I been into Science Fiction. The idea of SciFi and Western in one scared me. What dope would create a show about space cowboys?

Well, that dope was Joss Whedon. And he wasn't a dope at all. He was a genius.


As I write this, my eyes drift up to the top of the screen, where a quote from our man of the hour sits. "I'm not an adult!" it says. "I don't want to create responsible shows with lawyers in them. I want to invade people's dreams."

And lord, Mr. Whedon has done just what he wanted to do. Firefly has given me what I want to do when I grow up- write fantastic stories and make TV shows out of them!

So, next time anyone says Joss is just some nerd without a life I'm going to pull s Jayne. One more death on my conscience won't hurt anything. I'm not afraid to go back to jail.



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