On Bringing Back The Show
Monday, December 5, 2005

It's late. My laundry is overflowing. There's about a layer two inches high of who knows what on my bedroom floor. And although I'm moving out of my house this weekend and I desperately need to pack, do my homework, clean, and bake a cake for my best friend's birthday, I have still managed to sit down and type a second blog on this site.


Because Firefly is darn worth it, duh!

This show has really inspired me to be myself. To overcome all obstacles and let the true Courtney inside shine.

I know a lot of people who love Firefly just as much as I do. And let me tell you, sitting around and chatting about it is going to get absolutely nothing done. We should be mailing Fox two letters each a week. E-mailing Joss Whedon on how great the show is. Raising money in order to start it back up again. We have to get up out of our leather chairs and out from behind our computer screens. We need to make conventions and get all of our friends who are Firefly ignorant into the show. When Serenity comes out in fifteen days, we need to all buy a copy and show that it's the greatest movie (because you and I both know that's true).

So, Ladies and Gentlemen, do what you can. Give Serenity her wings back. Get the show back on air.



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