wacky tales of christmas shopping
Sunday, December 4, 2005

Just had the bizarrest day, started off well enough, went to Chester to get the last of out christmas presents (for all of you not familiar with Chester, just think of the stereotypical 'ye olde englande' - black and white beam tudor housing, old coaching inns, even the original roman city wall, its all in there, and now full of shops stuffed with pretties to give to loved ones)

All was dandy, pretty lights and christmas trees everywhere, pink little noses and jingly music. After getting everything we needed and a quick visit to the posh perfume counters we retired to luch smelling like a whores handbag.
Food was lovely, staff so nice, we were really pleased that the day was going so well

Pretty much idyllic, and then we got home.

After finally getting back to our local train station, we phone a cab =, 25 minutes later still not there, we phone again, then all hell breaks loose, this guy come shambling up to us, panic'd and drunk sounding yelling call an ambulance, guy who'd been lurking by the phone box dials 999 and the guy just runs around screaming. Turns out he's not pissed, he's been stabbed in the fore-arm by his girlfriend, right in a large vein from the amount of blood. My mother, trained first aider and professional busybody, trys to get him to sit down and hold his arm up but he's having none of it. Typically this is when our taxi turns up, and gets sent away again cause she's not leaving him and i'm not leaving her.

Eventually the ambulance gets called, we get him still and almost breathing normally (took both of us each holding an arm and talking him down mind)and the police turn up, he breaks free and pegs it off down the road. So it kinda makes you wonder, if his girlfriend did that to him, what did he do to his girlfriend?

By this time theres about three police cars, one follows the guy and police get out of the others and start asking us questions, then this pizza delivery guy pulls over and asks them if they're looking for this guy he's just seen trying to get into every shop and pub on that road.

It ended in an affirming way though, we get set to walk, knowing that the taxi company ain't gonna send another taxi for us, and the pizza guy gives us a lift home.

So there are some truly despicable people and there are also some pretty damn cool ones too.

Funny thing was, this guys name was Reynolds, do you think theres just something about the name that attracts sharp pointy things?


Monday, December 5, 2005 11:10 AM



Seryn, I think only YOU could have an adventure like that!

I'm glad it ended well for you and your mom.


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