On The Movie, Serenity. (Warning: Spoilers!!)
Saturday, December 3, 2005

I saw Serenity in theatres and I have to hand it to Joss Whedon- it was awesome. They were true to the show and they kept it alive in the movie. However, I was SO upset that Wash died! It was so unexpected. Personally, I so much would have rathered Inara died. As much as she's a cool character, I really don't care for her all that much. Especially since she's so totally in love with Mal but is too proud to tell him. And Mal's just thick when it comes to Inara.

Shepard Book dying.. Well, I don't care for him all that much either. I was just mad that we never got to find out what he had to do with the Alliance- he had a lot of secrets that he took to the grave.

That scene when the doors open and River's standing there, dead reavers at her feet, holding a weapon in each hand, was pretty awesome. And that part when Simon tells Kaylee while they're on Miranda that he wished he got to spend more time with her, and Kaylee says "Oh, to heck with this, I want to live!" was pretty cool too.

But what now? The show was cancelled. The movie came out. Will Joss Whedon ever start it back up again? Will Mal ever go back to God? What will happen to Zoey now that Wash is dead? Will Kaylee and Simon stay together? Will Book's secrets be unearthed? Will the Alliance be defeated? Will the Browncoats and the Rebels start a rebellion and destroy the Alliance now that Miranda's secret has been told?

Oh, and why did Mr. Universe have to die? I liked him.


Sunday, December 4, 2005 5:03 AM


Hey, Anonymous-

Have you seen the movie Santa Claus with Tim Allen where he becomes Santa because the other Santa fell off of his roof? I thought it was funny because there's this scene where Tim Allen's character's son gets mad at him for saying "hence" too many times.

Well, your theory could be possible. I'm more comfortable with the idea that Whedon felt that someone had to die, to show the audience what was at stake.

Saturday, December 3, 2005 5:19 PM


JayTee: Interesting outlook. But keep your political beliefs elsewhere. I'm glad you really like Firefly. It's fans like you that need to go out there and get Joss Whedon to do all he can to get the show back up or a second movie in the theatres!!

Gedeon: That's awesome that Firefly's gone international. I wonder what the dudes in China think about the show?

Saturday, December 3, 2005 4:01 PM


God's been pretty busy over the last few years and just recently got some time off. He decided to watch the Firefly DVD set since he'd missed it when it was on Fox. God loved the show. He was especially pleased that Joss changed a curse to gorram instead of the original and that the heavy cursing was in Chinese so most of the audience either didn't fully get it and those that did wouldn't necessarily pick up the habit. It also pleased him that if kids were watching they wouldn't pick up cuss words easily. Now that God is Firefly fan it's pretty much a sure thing that the show will come back on the air. How do I know He's a big Firefly fan? Whenever I stop taking my Zyprexa He talks to me just like He talks to George W. Bush although He made mention of the fact that He didn't tell George to invade Iraq. He told him the opposite and now He's a bit upset with ole Dubya.

Saturday, December 3, 2005 3:10 PM


YeminQuon said Personally, I think Firefly will go back to becoming a TV Show.

I still don't think they will do another season. But what do I know!

Soooooo many people are in love with this show, it may find it's way back to tv.

I am just starting to realise just how far this thing has gone. Fans in europe are writing in sometimes and what a joy to read about the UK Browncoats.

I tend to keep my expectations low, but as time goes by, there are more and more reasons to push for a second season. And then you push a little further...

Saturday, December 3, 2005 12:46 PM


In reply to Gedeon's comment-

The movie was, from what I heard, basically all of the episodes of season one smooshed into one movie. Whedon wanted to finish out the season in that movie. Hopefully season two will tie the loose ends- if there is a season two. Personally, I think Firefly will go back to becoming a TV Show. There's so much story left to tell- too much to put in a two hour long feature.

Saturday, December 3, 2005 10:12 AM


There is so much left to do with this franchise, nothing is dead.

My personal opinion is that, no, they won't go back to tv. Once you go to the big screen, why would on want to deal with small budgets and Fox-like producers who can't tie their own shoes?

There's plenty to be said about Kaylee's new boyfriend, and will she still be boy-crazy now; More about Mal and Inara going back and forth; Zoe is the big question to me. What is in her futur? Will she ever smile again or will she risk her life like she does in the movie?

And, yes, Book did take his past to his grave. He was my favorite, and the fact that he stayed silent is right for Book, as far as I see him.

I just hope Ron will be back in flashbacks. He deserves that much.


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