I'm thinkin' about writing a fanfic
Sunday, November 20, 2005

I've written fanfics before, none that were anything spectacular, and none for the Firefly Universe. I have an idea that's been formulating for about a week or two, and now that I'm on break, I thought I'd better get started on it!

The breakdown: Ok, so, post BDM, River suddenly awakens from a dream about a boy (hmm, pairings? I think so! I was never a fan of River/Jayne. Too creepifyin'. Still entertaining to read, though.) This boy is her age, and next in line to become the Alliance's new guinea pig for their experiments. He's psychic, too. But he hasn't been tampered with yet. Or maybe he has? Not sure where I want to go with this yet, but this idea has been bugging me, and I have tons of ideas for humor/romance/action to intertwine within the story.
I have a few writing dilemmas, however. I'd like to have this fic set post BDM, but...Wash...he's gone, and I just need to have him in my story. I mean, he's Wash, he's one of my favorites. I'm thinking of having a sort of an alternate, being Wash surviving the accident (how? who knows!) but being in intensive rehab for a long time, thus making River still the copilot for now. Shepard is ok dead (not quite as bad as it sounds!) And I thought that he would have left River his Bible. I'd also need to have a background for my new character, the psychic boy, but first I need a name, and a way for him to escape from the alliance and somehow wind up on Serenity. Any suggestions? I'd gladly give credit!



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