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Friday, November 18, 2005

My obsession with Firefly is overloading my mind. I just started a new fanfic about the Academy. No, it doesn’t involve River. It’s sort of the early days of the Academy and they’re using more primitive methods, not much brain surgery, to hone the student’s psychic abilities but it does involves horrible experiments, with electric shocks, poisons, radiation, military conditioning, and a monkey. My fanfic about the exodus from earth is going well as is my fanfic about the creation of the new worlds by those criminals and indentured workers with lots of deaths and maiming.

My Batman fanfic is coming along quite well. I’ve written out the story outline and quite a bit of dialogue for Batman’s new adversary, whom I have yet to name. Here’s a little snippet, it’s out of context and it’s only part of the dialogue so you won’t really know what it means until you read the rest of the story but here it is:
“Justice is a lie; it is but a tool, a vehicle for vengeance. It is defined by law but those who forge laws are tainted, impure, guilty, for nothing that lives is innocent. Justice merely creates the illusion that a punishment is not an act of revenge but punishment is defined by vengeance no matter who carries it out, be it the victim, the state, or you. Justice has blinded us to this hypocrisy and its taint must be purged.”


Saturday, November 19, 2005 4:43 AM


. . . a terrifying space monkey?



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