Some Good News and Some Bad News
Tuesday, March 9, 2004

So which do you want first? Bad News first, I think. That way we can temper it with the Good News.

The Bad News is plainly this: Some people are just plain inconsiderate AND just plain stupid. This weekend I was just idly checking up on the conversation threads and I came across one called Best Death Scene Ever or something like that. Now it doesn't tell you what catagory the thread is in, and so off go thinking that it will be people talking about who had a better death, Darth Vader or Obi-Wan Kenobi or something along those lines. Was I wrong to assume such as thing? Was I really? NO GORRAM WAY!! But instead what I ended up getting was utterly and completely spoilled for a show that I will not even name so as to not even give the hint of spoiling you if you don't already know. After the stomping and swearing and exclamations of "who the HELL does that?!?!" I scrolled down...lo and behold someone had reminded the author of the post that we have a rather shiny thing called a spoiler option so that you don't do to people EXACTLY what they did to me. Wouldn't you think that after being reminded that they might have been spoiling that episode for people and that there is a spoiler feature that they would go back and edit their post to use it? You would wouldn't you. Well they certainly didn't. At this point its necessary to admit that I'm not a nice person, and I don't like spoilers. I posted a nasty little message watered down by my tree-hugging, pacifist (but also loving and ultimately rational) fiance, whom I love but who doesn't let me say half the mean things I want to most of the time, utilising the spoiler option.

Childish? Yes. Harsh? Yes. Satisfying? Hell Yeah!

The Good News is plainly this: My website went through some major changes and additions this weekend. Uploaded more of my stories, as well as new sections for Firefly and Author's Notes. We also fixed the font and line spacing so now you can read it without your magnifying glass. So hurray for easy reading and 4, count 'em, 4 newly uploaded Firefly stories (and lovely Firefly pics too)! And just in case you were wondering, I clearly label my spoilers and in one part even use a 'highlight to read spoiler' thingy. Its really not that hard, I promise.

Anyway check it out, have a good day, and don't bloody well spoil things for people!




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