My first Firefly Fanfic
Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Posted my first Firefly fanfic to the site today... well, part one of it, anyway. I'm in the process of writing part two. I've written a few x-files fanfics in the past, but have never been overly prolific. The ideas are flowing this time though, which I'm happy to experience for once. I've already got pages of outline for a longer story arc, one that I hope I can make work, so long as I figure out how to fix the one little thing that, after rewatching Serenity, doesn't quite fit, and only happens to be the pivotal plot element.. sigh. Always happens. Ah, I'll figure something out, even if I have to make it AU, I guess...

Anyway, my first fic's called Choices, and it's Mal and Inara stuff, my favourite pairing... so, give it a read if you're into that!



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