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Monday, November 14, 2005

I’m trying to decide between what my next fanfic should be about, it will either be about
1. What life is like on the earth that was after the exodus, including plagues, starvation, wars, cults, bandits, establishment of government and order, crazy genetic experiments in hopes of modifying humans as well as livestock so that they can survive in the hostile wasteland, and of course people going insane in the wasteland. There’s also a wonderful period of time on the earth that was right after the exodus which I think I’ll call the Age of Ruin or The Withering or maybe The Putrid Winter. Basically it’s when the earth gets screwed beyond repair. When all those ships blasted off, they blew so much dust, soot, and dirt into the atmosphere that it blocked out the sun, like a nuclear winter, and they expelled so much toxic fume that it permanently poisoned the already unhealthy air. That's not all, the blast off also set just about everything that can burn aflame, forests, remains of large cities, farmland, etc., the fires continued to generate toxic fumes and throw soot into the atmosphere, keeping the earth covered in darkness for months, maybe even a few years. All that leads to mass extinction of plant and animal life so the environment ain't going to be able to heal itself for at least another couple thousand years.
2. Crazy stuff happening during the journey between the earth that was and the new world, people developing loyalties to the societies within the ships which later develops into entirely new nations, possible mutinies, and of course people trying to cure the insanity caused by living in space.
3. The story of how the criminals/workers are terraforming/building the new worlds, most of the workers were criminals, the rest are indentured workers who volunteered so that their families can have a chance to leave the earth that was, they’re considered expendable and lots of people die, their journey to the new earths isn’t nearly as calm as the journey of the others.

I’ve joined a group trying to write a virtual season 2 of Firefly. Here’s the link if you’re would like to help:

There are two non Firefly related things that I’m trying to work on. One is actually a Batman fanfic set during the early part of his career. Batman will be faced with a very different type of adversary. My idea for the Batman adversary is a telepath who is able to transfer thoughts, emotions, and feelings between people. He becomes head warden/psychologist at Arkham. His ultimate goal is an honorable one; he wants to spread mercy, compassion, and forgiveness. He treats criminals by absorbing their negative thoughts, their anger, their hate, their malice into his own mind and he projects the sadness and anguish of their victims into the criminals’ minds. Basically he literally makes criminals see the errors of their ways and he takes the burden of these criminals unto himself. Many of the criminals he treats are able to rehabilitate more or less completely after only one session but others require repeated sessions for him to siphon off their negative thoughts and emotions. He also treats the victims of these criminals by absorbing their negative emotions and projecting his own mercy and forgiveness into their mind. The criminals he treats generally get released early because their victims will forgive them and sometimes actually petition for their release. How will he become Batman’s adversary? You’ll just have to wait and see, maybe.

The other thing I’m writing is an original creation of my own, I think. Blood Witch, which is a pretty lame name, I’m trying to think of something better, and it’s a superhero type character. She has power over blood, she has limited telekinetic control over her blood or any fresh blood she touches and she can make blood burn and combust. I’ve even built a mythology around her and her power over blood. There’s an order of blood, a secret society of people who preserves the divine bloodline for some secret unknown reason. The divine bloodline can only be passed through a transfusion of blood. Blood Witch (damn that’s a lame name, I really should think of a real name, maybe Cassandra) is special, she was born with the power. Her father has the power and is a part of the order. The order sees her as some sort of prophet since she was born with the power but she doesn’t want to join the order. Oh and this won’t be like Spiderman with the whole “with great power comes great responsibility” reluctant hero thing. Although there will be the theme of choice vs. destiny. I just haven’t really figured out how fantasy heavy the world should be.

I’m not writing very fast because obviously I’m only doing this during my free time which I really don’t have a lot because I have a regular activity that I have to perform in exchange for payment, what’s it called… extortion, the x makes it sound so cool.

P.S. I just thought of another idea for a fanfic, the Academy. How the Academy students were trained. One method I just thought of, which tests their telepathic ability, involves a student being put in a room where they would get shocked constantly. To stop those shocks the student has to enter a set of codes into a keyboard but the only way to get those codes would be to read the experimenter's mind. Another method I thought of tests their clairvoyant ability, it involves the student being poisoned, by a nonlethal toxin obviously, but definitely a very unpleasant one, probably something that induces vomiting. The student is then presented with five boxes and told that one of the boxes contains a pill that will cure the poison while the other four are empty, but in actuality all five boxes are empty.


Tuesday, November 15, 2005 9:29 PM


1. In the party with Rance Burgess, there was a shadow puppet show and it was about the legend of the earth that was. It was in Chinese and you could only hear the first few sentences before Mal talks to Rance, but it’s in the script.

I’m making the telepath Batman’s villain for a very good reason. It has to do with the nature of Batman, why he does what he does, whether he is driven by vengeance or justice. To have someone truly challenge Batman’s ideals, they would have to get into Batman’s head and make him question himself like never before.

Tuesday, November 15, 2005 9:02 PM


1. Your staked earth gig fits right in there, but where the * is that fable in HoG? Not questioning you, I just don't remember it at all. There must be hope of some kind so I can be seriously annoyed with you for dashing my hopes over and over again.

2. Yeah, animals you don't need at all. Unless you want to add some inaccessable animals like goldfish (which you can't pet, and they don't interact much except by kissing the side of the bowl at you. Just kidding you know, but back to that thing about false hope. I like the idea of the painted ceilings - that would be almost as effective as florescent lights and windows overlooking the freeway for keeping you sane in a box of fake air. If hydroponics are all they have of plants, and inaccessible somehow or tweaked in weird ways, that would give me the creeps bigtime. So I'm wondering if some of your sleepers going to be aggressive, or insane even in their sleep? Will you write diary entries for people in stasis? Will they make up a religion of detachment? Insane catatonic Buddhists? Aaak.

You did write Batman adversary there and I missed it. I thought you were doing a whole superhero with this guy. You could...

Tuesday, November 15, 2005 4:57 PM


1. The idea seems logical to me. The legend of the earth that was in Heart of Gold went like this “Little by little, the tribes used the Earth up. Barren, she had little left to offer them. Swollen of her, they left. And for the first time since the Great Burn that birthed her, she was alone. The Earth cried, and terrible were her tears. Acid and caustic, the spawn of the tribes' rape. They flowed a century. The smoke INTENSIFIES, becomes shadowy FLAME. The fire that finally came did so as a blessing. The sphere SMOLDERS now, bits of it breaking up and disintegrating under the intense heat.” With the exception of the part where he said the earth was alone and this part: “fire that finally came did so as a blessing. The sphere SMOLDERS now, bits of it breaking up and disintegrating under the intense heat,” I would say that my idea conforms to that description relatively well.

2. For most people who infected by the “sickness,” they sort of just slowly become more and more detached until finally they become catatonic, although there are others who react differently. There are hydroponics bays in the ships where they grow plants, no animals though, animals are too much trouble. There’s really no reason for them to bring animals, genetic material, embryos and eggs, are more than enough. They’ll populate the new worlds by breeding animals in labs using all that genetic material they brought. Oh and the ceilings of the ships display images of skies, clouds, sun, to give the illusion that they’re outside but that’s really not enough.

3. You might be surprised to see what happens to the criminals and workers who terraformed and built the worlds. Although I did sort of gave it away in some of my posts.

No, the telepath is not Batman, he’s a completely different guy, he will in fact be Batman’s adversary, sorry for the confusion.

Tuesday, November 15, 2005 4:07 PM


1. I'm sad for your Earth that was left behind. Staked after the party. The Withering is a great name for it. This is going to give me nightmares. People will -hate- you for doing this to the leftbehinders, so probably you should do it. Ha ha.

2. I read your other things. Very much enjoyed the infection of insanity brought on by loneliness and lack of sky. I wished you had given them some little green things to weep over for a ray of hope that isn't enough to keep them sane. I wanted more of that story. Do they recognize what the infection is at first, or does it get a good strong grip on them before they figure it out? Do they halucinate? Is there nothing that will help them...aaaak! Send Superman to save them! Just kidding, it was a good and depressing idea. I liked it in diary form too.

3. A heritage of slavery could be backstory impetus for the independents wanting to break away...some shameful thing with a meaning that's been twisted around by the writers of history on the central planets. Even better if it's still happening later on down the timeline after it's no longer a 'necessary' evil, but only a convenience for the powerful to keep them in slavery.

I wouldn't know if any of this is contradicted by the graphic novels, I don't have them yet.

I really really like your telepathic healing superhero, but why is he Batman? If he were his own guy you wouldn't be constrained by Batbackstory. I like the burden of a superhero carrying other people's pain and sin. Some juicy ops for messing up bigtime. If you haven't noticed, I like the messing up bigtime option, especially when it alternates with epiphany or redemption.

Oh, and I love the blood witch! Though I agree not to like the name. Cassandra is much prettier, and you know about the Cassandra complex? Carmine is a blood name.

You have such emotionally evocative ideas. They really go quickly down to base level fears.

Tuesday, November 15, 2005 4:57 AM


How about "Bloody Mary"?

As for the ideas, I like #2 and 3 better'n #1.

Monday, November 14, 2005 11:10 PM


So what should my next fanfic should be about and what should I call the horrible epoch of death and suffering on the earth that takes place right after the exodus?

What do you think of me idea for the Batman adversary?

What name should I change Blood Witch to?


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