attention Fairfield Fireflies!
Friday, November 4, 2005

the official Serenity board has a new challenge here: http://browncoats.serenitymovie.com/serenity/index.html?fuseaction=challenges.main
Another “Crews Only” challenge – From within your crew, send us a photo of one member dressed in their best portrayal of a member of Serenity’s crew. These may be from past shindigs, movie parties, conventions or any other time a great outfit was assembled. 50 Credits will be awarded to every member of your Crew for each photo submitted, and if you get all 9 the entire Crew will receive an additional 500 credits! Please remember – only Captains of each Crew may submit.
Ends Nov 25, 2005
I'm thinking I can reuse photos of Talia in the floral bonnet as Mal, and the Hawaiian shirt photo as Wash, but I was wondering if anyone has some better pictures for use in this challenge?

Personally I'm going to do Jayne, I'll dress up w/a BlueSun T-shirt and my Jayne hat
and THIS time I'll be careful, I'll collect all possible pictures and then submit on 11- 24th

Please send any photos to me at mbmartell@gmail.com

come on, I know at least a couple of people are trying to get to the ellusive 2000 minimum points for some lame ... a er gift item from the official serenity board.



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