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Wednesday, November 2, 2005

This is going to be a long blog spread over a few entries so if you want the short version: I went to Australia, my brother got married, I made it safely home. Oh and drinking games are fun when you know the rules.

Even in the long version, I'm skipping to when I left Sydney. It was a 9.45 flight to Noosa and there had been a bit of dispute between my brother and his fiance about exactly how much time they needed to leave spare before getting to the airport. Rob wanted to arrive just before check-in closed, Rachel wanted to be there shortly after the airport opened. We reached a suitable compromise but unfortuantely a) Rob and I took the first taxi on our own as other three girls were still getting ready and b) the flight got delayed for three hours. This was not a good start.

We eventually arrived, slightly grumpy, at the Sunshine Coast airport and got ready to pile into the hired car when the next unfortunate incident happened. Perhaps some explanation is necessary. Rachel is a great planner of things and had organised pretty much everything to do with the wedding from the flowers on the table to the musicians at the ceremony. Rob had one job: car hire. Unfortunately, he wasn't that specific about the car he wanted and so we all stood in front of this bright yellow, big spoilered, custom exhaust boy racer. Rachel was not impressed.

But finally we made it to our villas. I was staying with my parents, aunt and uncle, cousin and her backpacking friend. We thought our place was outstanding, what with it backing onto a river, there being a boat in the drive, a glorious main room, etc, etc. That was until we had seen where Rob and Rach were staying: it could easily have turned up in the pages of Hello magazine or Cribs. It had this huge door that Lurch would have been very at home answering plus an even better view, a bar, an ice machine, an awesome TV room... just palatial really. Still, you only get married once.

We had a very nice BBQ with a lot of guests in attendence, spoiled slightly for me by the fact that I crashed out after a couple of hours with jetlag. Hadn't really been affected before then so it was a bit surprising. Didn't matter too much because finally, after 9 days in Australia, I was about to go sunbathing for the first time. Well, the first time that involved any actual sunshine.

To be continued...


Wednesday, November 2, 2005 11:43 PM


I'm glad you're having a good time. I'm jealous, Noosa is awesome. And the sunshine coast this time of year?


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