New hope and a little groovay!
Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Hey all,

I just wanted to say how sorry I was for fretting over the fate of Serenity. It is a great movie, and even if it does flop, it will still remain in yours and my heart. I really feel like I have failed and betrayed Firefly, Mr. Whedon, and all my fellow browncoats. I hope that those of us who lost faith at the moment of truth will be forgiven.

On a brighter note, Halloween is coming up and my school (Meridian Technical Charter High School [MTCHS]) is having a tech party for gamers and the like. Due to district and state policy, we cannot say "Halloween" because it interferes with seperation of church and state I guess. Oh well. Skiils USA (the club at my school which organizes tech parties) is still making it a spirit week type thingy, and the tech party will be part of that. So on the day of the tech party, it will be "dress up as your favorite character", or more blatantly put, "put on a costume". The thursday before the tech party is dress up as your favorite "Sci-Fi" character, so I'm gonna put on my Reynold pants and go as the captain! If I manage to get a hold of a digital camera I'll take some pictures, but overall, it is gonna be a blast! Hope all you could come to this, but limit is 150 people (it is a small school). If you have any ideas for me costume, please respond to this. I tried looking at the site for selling Firefly and Matrix garments (Abbyshot I think?), but they are darn expensive and I don't know if I could afford that. I thought of Burlington Coat Factory, but I don't know what type of coat Mal's is (the browncoats). I've been told that they are dusters or trenches, but I don't know. Please help me out with this and thanks again for giving me hope Tracy and all you bunches of anonymous's (as well as a few others, but I can't remember thier names) in responding to my last post "Dead"! I really feel inspired by you all, and once again, thank you.


P.S. Who liked the sequel to "Eragon", "Eldest"? I loved it!

P.P.S. I am also looking for a wallpaper size picture of Mal during the Battle of Serenity Valley (Episode 1). Please give me the URL if you know where one is, thanks!


Thursday, October 13, 2005 3:12 AM


Icarus-I'd get myself a brown duster if I were you. That'd do just fine. Mal's coat is definitely of the duster variety. As long as it's brown, right?

Have fun dressing up. I don't think I'll have a reason to this year.

And I'm in the middle of Eldest now. It's getting more and more interesting as I go along.


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