"I was aiming for his head" -- Blake's7 & Firefly
Wednesday, October 12, 2005

The hero is cornered, about to die when, BANG! The crew member who seems the most self-serving at times shoots the villain just in the nick of time.
"Good shot." The hero compliments.
"I was aiming for his head." The other replies.

No, not The Train Job , but a Blake's 7 episode, Orac , written and broadcast in 1978.
In this case, the titular hero, Roj Blake, is almost shot by Commander Travis, who has a blaster in his left arm (which he fairly blames Blake for), when Kerr Avon shoots Travis in said hand.

When I saw this first over the summer, my reaction was, understandably "Huh."
So, is this just a coincidence, or did Joss and Tim make an homage in The Train Job to another cult sci-fi show?


Wednesday, October 12, 2005 6:55 AM


This is something I have made many a mention of on numerous threads. Alas only a few are interested. There are zillions of similarities. Most notably my (roughshod) description of the shows:

Our intrepid band of anti-heros under the leadership of a brooding man with dubious morals travels the universe taking any job in the fight against the evil fascist intergalactic empire. Their ship is easily recognised by the bright green bulbous thing at the back.

There you go, Blakes 7 and Firefly are, in many ways, one in the same. There are also lots and lots of quotes from B7 in Firefly. Joss is known as being an anglophile and has previously cited B7 as one of his influences as a youngster.

B7 is, of course, amazing!


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