Inhaler Madness
Wednesday, November 26, 2003

11:14 am

Hey All,

I'm taking a short break from cooking to check in. I've still got mashed potatoes to make and then I’m pretty much done for the day.

I’ve had this really dry hacking cough for a couple weeks now. I get this same cough every year at this time and my doctor (who I like very much, it’s the insurance company BlueCross/BlueShield that I hate, but I digress) thinks it’s an asthma related bronchial condition (how’s that for covering all the bases!) So a new inhaler for the holidays. This stuff is intense, it’s listed side effects are tremors, (translated your hands are shaking so badly you can’t hold a paperback book) paranoia, (what if the government is reading my blog and I get shipped off to a camp for non-patriots) extreme restless or sleeplessness,(damn I wish my Firefly DVD’s were here so I’d have something to watch, since I’m up.) All that being said I’m a big fan of breathing, love the breathing, really can’t get enough of it. All these symptoms are supposed to be clearing up in a few days but until then I feel pretty weird.

Hey, sorry about the long posting line on my last blog entry. I tried to edit it but wasn’t able to go back.

Be well browncoats!



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