I understand, but I don't comprehend... *spoilers*
Saturday, October 8, 2005

Warning! Spoilers for Serenity (the movie, of course). And also some serious rambling.

You have been warned!

So ever since I've gotten back on the 'net (lost our service last weekend of all weekends) I've been pretty disheartened by the animosity that seems to be growing between fans. There seems to be a divide between those who hate Serenity and think Joss betrayed everyone and everything and those who love it.

What disheartened me the most was the viciousness displayed in many posts (this was mostly at the 'versal boards and to a lesser extent the OB, I haven't noticed it much here, but I also couldn't get on here at the time so it could all be archived by now. Either way I still love this place best ).

Anyway, my main query/question/pondering is this:

Most of the dislike towards Serenity seems to revolved around the decision to kill Wash, I've seen countless threads saying that while there may have been some character development as a result, there was no effect on the plot and was therefore gratuitous and only done to scare the audience into thinking everyone would die. (And to be fair, during the last 20 or so minutes I was actually wondering if all the talk of a sequel was just a ruse and that everyone was going to die).

But I thought that there was an effect on the plot. Zoe's decision to hold the crew's position by the blast doors seems to be a response to the fact that her husband is dead, and the realization that it's unlikely any of them were going to live. Mal wanted them all to stay together, but he trusted Zoe's decision. And if that doesn't affect plot development I don't know what does.

Imagine if Mal had the rest of the crew with him during the final fight with the Operative. I imagine it may have ended quite differently (and not necessarily for the better).

Am I just reading too much into the exchange between Mal and Zoe? Because I don't understand why everyone is so mad.

I also don't understand why anyone would line up at 8am(!) outside a store to buy butter(!) but that's a story for another time...


Monday, October 10, 2005 8:44 PM


Salted and unsalted. In those little rectangular bricks. Apparently it was a good price...

And thanks, I do feel better now. It was more the 'I finally get back on the internet and everyone's ripping each other, the movie, and Joss to pieces' that was getting me, and it has seemed to die down. Yeah, I definitely thought Zoe was trying to get herself killed in that battle, and unfortunately it seemed everyone else might get killed with her. Very powerful scene(s). I actually cried the second time I saw it, I think the first time I was still in shock!

Saturday, October 8, 2005 4:25 PM


what kind of butter?
oh, never mind...OT

don't worry about it, this flair up happened right after the Advanced Screenings too, and then they die down.
Of course the tension at the boards is increased by the low box office figures, but I hear 'Serenity' is doing kick @ss business in the UK!

All is NOT lost. And personally I like you're reading of the exchange between Zoe & Mal. I felt that Zoe was near suicidal in her fighting style after Wash's death, and I was sobbing every time I looked at her bleak face.... I still tear up when I think about it, and I've seen the BDM 5 times now!


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