I just had a Kaylee Moment
Tuesday, October 4, 2005

And there are no spoilers, so breathe free.

The copier at the office hasn't been working the last few days. It was eating paper, which isn't good. So I had to call the repair guy to come fix it. He's a riot. Well, today, he starts pulling parts out of the copier and taking them apart. As he's showing me the parts, he's talking to me about how the such and such gets clogged when the whatzit does the thingy and he finds that if you just replace the whoozit and rewire the thingamajig than it fixes the problem and he doesn't even understand why these models have the whatsit anyway since they tend to just cause jams when they get worn out anyway. So he does his little rewire magic stuff and puts it all back together, jabbering away the whole time (and me not understand a word) and voila! The copier is fixed.

And all I could think about was Kaylee rerouting the port coupling into the secondary grav boot or whatever the heck it was she did when she fixed Serenity in OoG.

Just thought I'd share my little Firefly moment.


Wednesday, October 5, 2005 2:27 AM


ooooookaay. Good to know.

Tuesday, October 4, 2005 4:03 PM


dear buhhda- i would like a pony, a plastic rocket and a man within 10 years of my age who is capable of channeling kaylee!

Tuesday, October 4, 2005 10:15 AM


Cool, Its amazing how pulling something apart and putting it back together again fixes, you know, stuff...

Personally I like smakin' 'em.

Tuesday, October 4, 2005 7:12 AM


Very nice! I love moments like that!

Tuesday, October 4, 2005 6:34 AM


Maybe he was a Browncoat, too! Channeling Kaylee could have been the highlight of his day.

Tuesday, October 4, 2005 6:33 AM


arg! :)

Tuesday, October 4, 2005 6:32 AM



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