drown my sorrows in a bottle cap
Wednesday, September 28, 2005

yes- a bottle cap. i made a serenity promo pin by means of a hot glue gun, glitter glue, safety pin and a shiny pic of jayne. small and smells like, well . . . vera?

it was pretty much the only thing that went well today. i have a c+ in physics. at least my teacher borrowed firefly! if only he would give extra credit the way outlaw does. *sigh* i hate bad grades, at least my parents won't find out.

SPEAKING OF PARENTS! the final decision was to watch "ariel". it went over big with my mom and my dad (tv and film genius) thought it was "good". five minutes in my mom said that it was already 100times better than StarTrek: Enterprise. gee thanks mama- not like that was the biggest embarrasment to trekkies ever. :) i wanted to show "OoG" but decided against it mainly on the premise of bester. seeing as how i'm dressing as kaylee for halloween- i don't think it would put my dad in a happy place. he's no nazi but he was talking about big corp and stuff during the movie.

INARA? POLITICS? for gov't we are actually doing a fun assignment. i have to write a paper on a tv char's pol views. i picked inara because it'd be easier than any other char (unless y'all comment with hints there *winkwink*). i'm gonna go with liberal, but enjoy the distinction between morality according to book and according to inara. inara really does have a facinating code- you can still be moral without following the biblical guidelines. help in examples of why would be greatly app. esp. by those newcomers to firefly! welcome! for you i relinquish my title of newbie and become a crew member. enjoy the ride, y'all!


Thursday, September 29, 2005 3:12 AM


Ariel? Interesting choice, but given that you're dressing as Kaylee, best not to throw them in the deep end just yet. I like Ariel, too. Good introductory episode.

As for Inara's politics, I'd be careful about confusing her ethical/moral standpoint with her political one.

In 'Out of Gas', Flashback!Inara quite clearly tells Flashback!Mal that she supported Unification, given Mal's answer (that, yes, he supposed most whores did), this could mean that Inara supported the side that would be most beneficial to her and her colleagues, not what she - herself - believed in. Also, it probably stands to reason that they'd be in more danger without the protection of the Alliance, so this is a choice made in fear rather than political reasoning.

Also, politics in the Firefly 'verse might not be structured as they are today. It might not be as easy as 'liberal', 'right wing', 'leftist'. It seems to be more 'accept-ist' and 'nonaccept-ist'. People either accept the Alliance and their rule, or they fight against it (or they are forced into accepting it). Given the opportunity, Inara often chooses the latter, even if she originally supported the former.

Politics, like crime, is always fluid.

Hope that helps, but it's probably just confused you a great deal. Ignore this old codger.


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