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Friday, September 23, 2005

It is finally really hitting me, NEXT Friday I'll be going out to the theater to line up with my fellow Browncoats to see the finished version of 'Serenity' (I was lucky enough to get to see the Advanced Screening in Chicago). Frankly, I wasn't ever really sure it would happen.
The TV show was hard to find, it was pre-empted for sports more often than not, and so I would stay up until the game was over and loan my tape to friends who didn't.
Then the TV show was cancelled and I was so frustrated and disappointed, but determined to get my DVDs and at least continue to enjoy what we had had. Actually this was the thing that surprised me, I was having no trouble finding new fans with my DVDs: most of my friends loved the show even though they had missed it on TV.
THEN the movie was announced, and it seemed too good to be true. People were saying it would be straight to DVD, and I was 'not if I can help it' (as I continued to buy everyone I knew their own set of Firefly DVDs).
And just as the movie was being finished, the release date was delayed....THIS was painful. It made me worry about our BDM. It made me worry about Universal. But I was soon to know there were no worries.
I got to see the Advanced Screening in Chicago, twice! These were, in fact, two of my most exciting nights in my life:
May 5th because I hadn't seen the movie and I was beside myself with excitement before, during and after the movie. I knew I loved it and it was something special.
May 26th because I got to drag my brother to the screening, and I knew he loved it as much as I did. Oh yeah, and we both got to meet the very beautiful and sweet Summer Glau (how cool is that?!).
Now we are only one week away from the BIG DAY!
Next Friday I'll be lining up at the theater with other Browncoats (and hopefully some civilians too) to see the finished product for the first time.
It is so wonderful, I'm so happy. I feel that we've all really accomplished something special.

Thank you Haken for this wonderful site, which has helped keep the dream alive for all of us even when all hope seemed to be lost.



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