Stirrin' the Pot (or not meaning to)
Thursday, September 15, 2005

Wow, that Letter to the Red States thing really hit a nerve with more people than I expected it to. I guess that comes from the California perspective...I totally have mad love for the South. I have friends and family out there.

Anyway, onto better things!

A friend and I on the UB are trying to arrange a cool weekend-long shindig for later this year and we've got all sorts of great ideas, but we want to find out if there's even any interest in attending such a thing. Is there? If the UB wasn't being such a beeyotch right now, I'd post the details...but as soon as it's behaving, I'll post em.

Okay...so here's the post from the UB:

I was going to make this long fancy post, but then it dawned on me: Writing isn't my strong suit. It's not even a weak one! So this will be to the point.

I'm calling all Browncoats near and far to invite you all to a Grand Weekend-long Shindig. It's nothing fancy, but will be held in a fitting town underneath the clear night sky. UnchartedOutlaw and I have been kicking around the idea for a while now and we've reached a middle. Now we need your help to set a date. And of course I'd welcome any ideas and opinions!

Here's the rundown:

Firefly will be shown on a big screen throughout the weekend where folks are welcome to just sit and talk about it.

We've arranged for live music the entire weekend…music befitting Firefly fans!

There will be accommodations offered…just nothing fancy. I have a quarter of an acre of land for my backyard. We'll set up fire pits, torches, paper lanterns, and tents (helps if you have your own to bring). There is a hotel in my small town, but I want to extend the offer. I also have three bedrooms and a living room that can be used.

UnchartedOutlaw has come up with a brilliant Crew Scavenger Hunt that I've managed to get the town folk to agree with. At the end there will be a prize awarded to the winning team. Mind you it will not be grand, but it's something. Basically you will be allowed to form yourself into teams/crews of three or four. There will be a box of cargo placed in the town somewhere and it will need to get to a destination. Each team will be given directions in an envelope. The directions amount to your team's end product. How you get there and how the other teams react to it…that's the fun part!

I have friends who will bring around their horses for you all to enjoy if you choose.

A costume contest will be set up as well. That doesn't mean that costumes are a requirement, just a suggestion.

Two blocks down there is a saloon. Yes, a real saloon if you prefer a stronger beverage.

This shindig will be held in Norco, California. If you wonder like most folks, "Where the hell is Norco?" it can be found about sixty miles outside of Hollywood to the east. Now I know that it seems mighty far, especially for some, but it will be one hell of a shindig. And it's held in held in a town tailored for Browncoats! Down the street there's a Jack in the Box and a McDonalds with their western store fronts and corrals to tie up your horses while you eat. Also you can just google search "Norco" and see what's out there.

So give us your opinions and ideas for dates. We're kind of considering the 29/30 of October, 5/6 of November, or the 12/13 of November. But we totally welcome input from you all!


Thursday, September 15, 2005 10:25 AM




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