it's enough - 9-12-05
Monday, September 12, 2005

Today God put the world on hold for me.
That's right, He told everyone else to wait.
He set down everything He was doing.
He did not put me on call waiting.
He didn't look at his caller ID and hope I would just leave a message.
He didn't ask if he could call me after the game was over or at the next commercial.
He didn't stomp His foot and say, "I should have left my IM set on Busy or Away."

He did not try to see if He could "squeeze me in somewhere" or have His secretary make some lame excuse, or ask if we could reschedule.
He did not say, "Let me finish this up & I'll be right there."

No, He did none of those things.

God stopped. He closed His appointment book. He didn't try to finish a few last things on his desk while we talked. Instead He got up from his desk, and came around to me. He reached His gentle and strong hand to me, smiled, said, "Would you like to go for a walk? or maybe an Ice cream cone? I've got all day just for you."

He never said, "Let's talk on the go." But He said here's a nice quiet peaceful place, let's sit here & talk. And while we talked he looked me in the eye. He didn't snack while I was talking. He did not give me obligatory nods or say, "Hmmm" or "Yes" or "Interesting" He listened. He wasn't watching something across the street or rolling His eyes hoping I would "just get to the point." God listened.

And when He spoke, He spoke strong meaningful words, sometimes they were stern, but they were never condescending, never mocking, never did He once make me feel "stupid" or feel like I was wasting a single second of his time. He spoke words of healing, of life, of encouragement. He made me feel special, he made me feel loved. God listened to me.

Now I know what you're thinking. God would never put everyone else on hold. He's omnipotent he would just listen to everyone at once, after all he's God.

And so you picture in your mind God sitting at a big desk surrounded by papers & forms by which he runs the universe. His E-mail is full of Standard Responses, and automatic reply's. You see him with a cell phone in one ear, his speaker phone broadcasting the eloquent prayer of some big name preacher, because after all they are more important than me. And his pager vibrating loudly where he stuck it in his right hand desk drawer. While his monitor is buried under yellow sticky notes with names scribbled so carelessly they can't even be read. And if this is what you see, than you're not seeing God. You see us. For you see this is how we try to "listen" to everyone at once. But that's not God.

God puts the world on hold and listens to me.
And he'll do the same for you, at the same time, with the same love & care & interest.
After all He is God and YOU are his most important child.
-R. Harris


Monday, September 12, 2005 12:51 PM


and now i'm really happy!

*runs off to visit buddy jesus*


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