The Serenity cast signing on 24th August, HMV Edinburgh.
Monday, September 5, 2005

Squeeeee. Wednesday August 24th, 2005. What a day.

You know, when my good mate Andy offered me two free tickets to go and see Serenity, I thought...WOW! I'm so lucky. That day is going to rock. Nothing could make it better.

Hehehe. If only I knew.

When I heard that a large chunk of the cast, including Summer Glau, we're going to be doing a free signing in Edinburgh that day in the exact place I was going to be...I...I could have died of happiness!

I could not BELIEVE it. And then when I read Joss Whedon was going??! Holy frikkin Yup, thats right... I said !

So, I had to re-schedule my train plans to make it to Edinburgh in time for this, so I left my house at 4.30 in the morning...and my train journey took 7 hours. But it was so worth it.

Okay...we were told that Nathan, Summer, Jewel, Morena, Adam & Joss would be there. I'd met them all before, except Joss of course, but I was so happy at the thought of seeing them again! Especially Summer!! On the train journey up there, I wrote her a 2-page letter...put it in an envelope on which I wrote "To the beutiful Miss Glau" on. And on the back, I put my address on, just incase she wanted to write back. It's probably unlikely she will though, as I didn't put a "self-addressed stamped envelope" in there, or any international return coupons, but hey, I can dream!

So I got there, and we found out that Jewel wasn't there...

But Gina was!

I was very pleased. Obviously I was sad at not getting to see Jewel...but I'd never met Gina before...and don't know if I'll ever get the chance to again!

I took my Firefly set with me to get it signed. I also took the group photo of the cast that had been signed by all of them except Gina & Sean. Just incase, as it was always uncertain about who was going to be there.

We found out we could only have one thing signed. I was kinda bummed, as I didn't know what to get Gina to sign! So I thought, well, I'll ask her to sign the photo, and everyone else to sign the boxset.

So, we got a little closer...and I caught little glimpses of Adam, and Nathan...Morena too.

And comes the motherload, people. Through a gap in the crowd I saw Summer. And then, she looked over, and our eyes met.

I need to remember to breathe as I type this, cos reliving this moment makes me emotional!

Her face lit up right away, and she smiled and waved over at me and mouthed "Hi!". I was overcome with joy. Obviously I smiled and waved back too! Then I blew her a kiss...and she blew me one back! I couldn't believe it.

After that, I had tears in my eyes, I was so happy. I could have forgotten everything else and just gone home happy after that.

I was with my friend Jason, he's a big fan of Summer too, and had met her 3 times.

As we got closer, I could hear Gina laughing every now and then, she sounded so bubbly!

Then when me and Jason came to the front of the queue and we're waiting...Summer looked at us and then turned to Morena and said "My boys are here." I was so chuffed, and touched. The thought that she not only remembered us, but called us " her boys " warmed me through and through!

The event itself, was rather unorganised. Everybody was very rushed. There were lots of HMV security gaurds who were very pushy, and they we're quite rude to some people.

Anyway, then we got to speak to Adam. He didn't seem as cheery as he was the last time I met him, to be honest he looked quite tired...I think that with the premiere...and the flights, he must have been worn out! But he was nice, shook my hand, said hello, signed my set, and stood with me for a photo.

Then it was over to Summer & Morena. Wow! I said hi, and Morena said "Hey you! How are you doing?" So I'm guessing maybe she remembered me from the first con? Who knows! She was wearing a lovely gold outfit that looked companion-like! I told her that it looked lovely. I told Summer that I had written her a letter on the way up... and I gave it to her, she said "Aww, thank you very much." And I told her and Morena that I was going to see Serenity that night!! Summer was really pleased, as she knew I hadn't seen it yet. Morena asked if it was the first time I had seen it, and I said yes, and she said "Ah, wow, you're going to love it!" And then I asked if I could have a photo with them. And Morena said "Sure! Come round here." So I went round the other side of the table (And a few days after someone told me on a thread that all the security gaurds near him started freaking out when I did that.) and I got between the two of them, while Jason took the photo. But the flash didn't go off, so I ad to stay there...between the two of them, while he put the flash on and took another one. I'd like to point out that I started off evenly between Morena and Summer, and Summer leant in closer to me, so I did likewise! lol! As you would! Then I thanked them and was hussled on.

It was getting quite chaotic. I put my set and the photo down on the table, and it sorta got passed along. I didn't get much time to say anything other than hello to Joss...and I was to nervous to think of anything to say! He's god-like! I couldn't get a photo with him, but managed to snap one of him.

Then it was on to Nathan and Gina. Nathan looked really tired. He wasn't his usual fun self either! Bless him! Gina was lovely though.

I asked if I could have a photo with her. She said sure, so I crouched down next to her, and she asked Nathan to come in too, which was cool! A pic with the Cap'n n Zoe!!

Then I got up, and went to pick up my set, I saw that Gina had signed that instead, so I was like, ah thats cool! And I picked up the photo and Gina goes, "Oh, I think I missed that one." Then she took it and signed it for me! Which was so nice of her! I told her it was lovely to meet her and then we were hussled on.

It was lovely to meet Gina & Joss, and great to see the others again. Especially Summer!

Anyways, you can find my photos on Fray101's Browncoat Photo Verse, here...



Monday, September 5, 2005 9:49 PM


Hey, thanks people. I feel very lucky!!

And hey, it was like a me.

Morena is really cool. I hope I get to see her again some day!

Monday, September 5, 2005 9:36 PM


I must say you are one lucky guy. I'm stuck in Guam for the movie, so I'll be lucky if they even show the movie on the opening night :-(

But hopfully i'll be in England for number 2. Hopefully there will be signing and such again.

Awesome pictures and i gotta say again you are a lucky man...

Monday, September 5, 2005 9:31 PM


Hah. All I can say is good on ya dude ;)

Monday, September 5, 2005 11:12 AM


Lol, You are hilarious!!

You typed your re-union with Summer like a soap-opera! You man-slut, you. I cant wait for the jealousy to pour in!
Once again, happy for you! (and your new best friends! (Notice I said "s"..Meaning Morena too!!

This gets funnier and funnier each time.


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