it's enough - 8-31-05
Wednesday, August 31, 2005

a darker morning
a dawn that was awakened in glorious mistiness
so quickly shattered by those that want what I don't have
turn me upside down & shake me till my brains rattle like a weathered maracca
and still a solitary coin will not drop from my pockets

to keep my crew flying I press through this
this wall of murk
my murk, yep, I murked up!
no denying it, or arguing or debating
I admit the fault, now, the real struggle. not to carry it.
not to let it wrap as a serpent on a full stomach around my boots and hold me in an unmoving place.

of course if his stomach is full, why should I feel threatened?
I don't
so then why not just run away?
I can't.
From fear?
(laughing) no.....embarassment.
you see, this well contented reptile at my feet smiles gleefully with his well
stuffed stomach.

And I fed him. I fed him my peace, I fed him my patience, I fed him my confidence, my self-esteem, and my joy.
I gave him a full course meal of all my resolve & inspiration.
and topped it off with a tasty desert of growl & grrr at the ones I hold dear.

So....what this is a confessionsal?
no, rather a revelation & restoration.

as I swing my boot in a deliberate determined arch right to the mouth of this old snakey snake.

"Choke on that buddy boy!" cuz when you gasp & die from the taste I'm gonna have me a new pair of boots. Snake skin to be exact.

Well, suddenly I feel better.



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