it's enough 8-28-05
Sunday, August 28, 2005

Wow, ears still slightly ringing. Let's see if I can remember some of these bands names.

Soulfire, Gretchen, Last Tuesday, The Wedding, Situation, The Wedding, Day of Fire, After 8, GRITS. And many more.... Okay so I only listed the ones I liked.

I would have to say my three favorites when all was said & done was Day Of Fire (excellent hard-rock, former lead singer of Full-Devil Jacket.)

Situation was Pure 80's synth-pop. 1 guy singing and two girls one with a synth the other with a keyboard. It would have fit better in a "club" setting. And since most of these other bands were rock or punk, (except GRITS which was hip-hop) it was difficult for the crowd to get into the 80's style stuff. ....Unless you're older like me & my friend Justin who thought it was rather cool actually as we looked at our teenagers and said, "Yes, we're old. Deal with it"

Now, Gretchen impressed me the most. At first glance some would try to write it off as another Evanesence wannabe. Not the case. Particularly here. Due to a vehicle issue, the rest of the band didn't make it. So we had Mia (the lead singer) & her husband & an acoustic guitar. This was awesome. You can always tell someone who has great guitar skill & a great voice when all the insrumentation & such is stripped back. This girl had an awesome voice. I really enjoyed their part. It was honest, pure & full of passion. Trust me I love hard core, punk & rock, but more than anything I love intensity & passion in my music. Be it known my two all time favorite bands are U2 & Stavesacre.

So that was my day yesterday, from 11:30 to 10:00.

a day of reflection & reflecting
seeing my self in these younger eyes
you're never too old to rock, though the hip & the hop may leave leave you looking hopeless

This is my gift I give
I am the one their parents turn to
so with greened hair & a black t-shirt we make our way to the floor
let the sweat fly & vocal chords rage on majestic.
this is my ministry, this is my joy
while the senior ones mosh the younger look on
that's right little one, your Children's Church days are gone
Now it is time to rock!
and I will always be here to lead the way.
Though no one ever led me.
I will always be here.

So throw a defiant fist in the air & embrace your
youth. Never let it be let go, going, or gone. Stay young at heart, alive & filled with fervor & fire & passion for life. Believe that there is something better. And in the truth & faith & honesty & the embrace of a loving God through all the muck that life hurls forth, there is a cause for celebration. And I will always be here to lead the way. Though I may not always be able to Rock for 10 straight hours!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Monday, August 29, 2005 4:38 PM


You're not old!


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