My brother cont........
Saturday, August 20, 2005

First I apologise to any americans i may have offended with my choice of insults yesterday

now to continue

Ahh yes the whole sit down like adults theory, tried it, mor than once, and got told that i was just being awkward, and that 'her family' havnt complained at all, and that 'her' family are this that and the queen of sheba. He simply will not listen.

the thing with scott, is he was the eternal playboy, different girl each week, and bragged about it. thought it was cool, one time he had nowhere to go at christmas and didnt want to come to mum and dads, and he got himself a single mother girlfriend and moved in with her, dumping her once she had given him what he wanted. theres an idea of the sort of man he is

So ive taken the decsion to get through the ceremony, the way i want to, wether he likes it or not. get through the speeches and the arrogancy of him

leave when the party starts, go back to our hotel room, order room service and a movie and chill.

see in contrast to all this one of my oldest friends is getting married in october, and again chloe is bridesmaid, gooorgeous dress, lovely, and alex is page, he has the most stunning black suit, ivory waistcoat and ivory cravat (Alex has White blonde hair, so just imagine it) She has arranged that they walk down the aisle and have seats waiting at the front, chloes wheelchair is being decorated by the balloon peoples, and she has said that if chloe needs to be in her chair for photos then its absolutely fine, she is so accomodating and refreshing, im looking forward immensely to hers. oh and she says im to bring a friend, whereas my brother wont let me bring a guest.

So yes I am going to grit my teeth and get on with it, i was just so mad with him yesterday for upsetting my mother.


Sunday, August 21, 2005 9:05 PM


*urge to kill is strong*


Sunday, August 21, 2005 4:45 AM


Sounds like a plan.

It'll all be over in a day.

Remember, even when everybody loves everybody, these things tend to be fairly hellish. The last wedding I went to, I passed a door with a sign that said, "Warning--FrankenBride inside. Enter at your own risk."

What's a little unusual in your case is that it usually is the bride who makes everyone crazy. Over here, we're just happy if the groom can stay standing and mumble through the vows without falling over.

Recruit the groomsmen, it's hard to throw a hissy fit if you're colossolly hung over.

Tell your mom and all we'll be thinking of them. Let us know how it all comes out.

Remember, if you kill him, the pleasure will pass and then there'll be all kinds of forms to fill out. Really not worth it.


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