Birmingham Memorabilia - Retrospect
Sunday, August 14, 2005

(This is also a post floating around the forums, ignore one and read the other. I'm just an attention whore)

I have just returned home from Memorabilia and have to say it was incredibly enjoyable. I went along with a firefly virgin and a fan, I returned with a wannabe-fan and a fanatic. The Serenity table was possibly the smallest table there but by far the most occupied. People were flocking to it. I got myself some free Serenity matches and I bought a replica of Mal's gun. I couldn't afford it, but what the hey, it's firefly (or Serenity if you prefer (is there any kind of ruling as to what we should be calling the combined Serenity/firefly universe yet?))

The shindig too was lots of fun, loads of new promo pics to see and a bunch of interesting and fun people to boot. I won a signed picture of Summer and the most wonderful woman in the world gave me and a friend the tickets she won to see Joss as she couldn't go. (If this wonderful woman is reading this, I am so very grateful. On a high that cannot be beaten).

A few thanks for such a fun day out:

The organisers. I don't know who you are by name (apart from Zol) but you guys were fantastic.
Kurgen. I don't know if you did anything but win half the raffle but you deserve props for having such a cool name.
The woman who convinced us to come to the shindig.
The woman who reminded me the name of the band playing was Nickel Creek because that would have driven me mad all night.
The guys who graciously allowed us to sit with them beforehand in the foyer/bar area, even if the majority of it was slightly awkward quiet, contemplative silence.
The pretty girl going round in/on the wash-o-saurus. You got more balls than me.
UIP for providing such cool stuff. I say again, Serenity matches!



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