Well.....damn Part 2
Sunday, July 31, 2005

To continue from Part 1...

I have since realized that it is nowhere near worth being promoted there, since essentially I have to: 1) Be a corporate Sell-out, 2) Give up any notion whatsoever of having my own opinion, 3) Never, ever, ever, speaking the truth again, or 4) Ever having a nose of any color other than brown.
Followed immediately by: My landlord is not renewing the lease on our house. I think the greedy bastard wants to sell the house, but isn't telling us. He also refuses to talk about any possibility of renewal. And yes, we've paid the rent, no, the house and yard are not trashed. We've taken care of the place.
So, with all that crappy stuff, some good has arisen. I am going into business with a friend mostly installing networks and security systems to businesses. Good money at that...We have a few jobs already in which the bring-home will be around 2k for myself alone. Not to mention the residual income of tech support and "house calls".
And, it seems that we miiiight just be able to qualify for a first-time homebuyers loan so we can actually BUY a house, rather than rent one. We should know about that in the next few days.

So....an interesting time, yet, it seems that someone/something/whatever you believe in "has my back". Amazing what a little clarity of mind and a willingess to let the winds of change do their work will do for ya.
Sorry for boring everyone with MY life stories, I am sure that news of greater import are available simply a remote-click away...


Monday, August 1, 2005 10:21 AM


You're story is not boring, tethys. I'm sorry you've been going through so many hard times, but it looks like you're got things, at least in part, worked out. Best wishes. And let us know how things go so we can share in your joy when you become a 1st time homeowner and your business takes off...

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