Well.....damn Part 1
Sunday, July 31, 2005

Well, some time has past since my last entry, let alone an actual post by yours-truly. Work has reduced me back to being a lurker again...or the Big Cat Flame Warrior persona that I have somehow managed to become...Bottom of my signature for those curious.
Some disheartening and interesting things have happened around here lately, of which I suppose provides an update to a few old posts I've made in the past. Though, strangely enough, good has come as well.
Starts, I suppose with my sister "moving up here". Which consisted mostly of her telling me that she was on her way up here for a week straight. And by that I mean that she would say that, and a few hours call and say the same thing agian. After that week, I've heard nothing since...should I be disappointed, I don't know. *Insert Diety here * knows that I am in no way surprised by any amount of hurt that any relative can sling my way, family is a laughable comcept to me. My family seems to think that family means "I can say and do whatever I like, and you can't say anything about it." So my attitude in return is "Stuff you, then.
Then I get passed up for promotions at work. Not based on issues, knowledge, experience, or disciplinary issues. No no no, I was told all that was spot-on, but simply I did not have enough "face-time". More like not enough "time with your face up my ass". But yet they promote fine people like the one that leaves the building 30 minutes BEFORE his shift ends and has his girlfriend clock him out 45mins AFTER his shift ends, and has to be physically restrained from assaulting three employees.



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